BNI Europa increased losses to 6,6 million euros until June

Total net assets were 351,5 million euros in June, in this case 66,5 million euros less than in June 2019.

BNI Europa had losses of 6,6 million euros until June, aggravating the negative 800 thousand euros of the same period in 2019, and reduced workers by 40%, of which 10 by collective redundancy, according to an official source.

Last week, the online newspaper Eco reported that around 45 workers have left the BNI Europa bank (owned by Angolan BNI) in recent months, following the failure to sell to the Chinese group KWG and the deterioration of market conditions due to the crisis triggered by covid-19.

To Lusa, the bank's official source said that - after the capital sale operation failed and due to current and future market conditions - “it has been resizing its structure and way of functioning, with a view to endowing it with greater internal / external functionality and articulation, together with the improvement of efficiency / effectiveness and performance in a context of cost rationalization ”.

The bank "reduced the total number of employees by about 40%, with no prospect of further layoffs," he added.

Most of the workers who left, said an official source, were related to “outsourcing contracts that ended, people who left on their own initiative, among other situations”, and there was also a collective dismissal that covered 10 employees. At the moment, the bank has 70 workers.

As for results, BNI Europa had losses of 6,6 million euros, aggravating the losses of 800 thousand euros in the first half of 2019.

The bank also indicated that, on 30 June 2020, it had 252,1 million euros in customer deposits, which means a reduction of 106,5 million euros compared to the 358,6 million euros in June 2019 ( equivalent to a 30% drop in deposits).

Total net assets were 351,5 million euros in June, in this case 66,5 million euros less than in June 2019.

Also according to an official source, the share capital was 47 million euros, which already includes the capital increase of three million euros made in July this year.

Asked about the medium and long term business objectives, an official source said that the bank, despite adapting “some of its business lines to the present circumstances”, which, together with the shareholder, “keeps the commitment to continue to make products and services available to its customers with the same standards of quality, rigor and transparency that have guided its performance ”.

BNI Europa - whose executive chairman is Pedro Pinto Coelho - is owned by the Angolan Banco de Negócios Internacional (BNI), led by Mário Palhares, former deputy governor of the supervisor Banco Nacional de Angola.

BNI made an agreement with the Chinese group KWG to sell 80% of BNI Europe, but the deal did not go through.

In January, SIC released a report on Angolan-owned banks operating in Portugal, reporting that Banco de Portugal inspectors detected serious problems in preventing money laundering and preventing terrorism in the banks EuroBic, BNI and BPA - Banco Atlântico Europa ( where one of the main shareholders will be, according to the report, Manuel Vicente, former vice president of Angola) and that for these three banks the technicians proposed 38 administrative offenses.

According to SIC, two of the banks in question, BNI and BPA, say they have never received information on the application of administrative offenses by the BdP.

In a clarification released after the report, the BdP indicated that it fully adopted the suggestions of the inspectors who found problems in Angolan capital banks in 2015 and 2016, and that it instituted administrative proceedings, which are currently running to assess the application of sanctions. .

In April, the international non-governmental organization (NGO) Friends of Angola called on the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of Portugal to proceed with a formal investigation or cancel the licenses of Portuguese subsidiaries of Angolan banks.

In a statement, the Angolan BNI said that he does not respond to falsehoods and malicious insinuations, reiterating that he remains at the disposal of the authorities, and that “as far as he is aware, to date BNI Europa has not been the object of any accusation or , still less, of a condemnatory decision by the Bank of Portugal regarding that inspection ”.

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Miguel Maya

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