Border regions of Portugal and Spain with a common strategic plan for tourism and agri-food

The project, which covers 11 cross-border areas, provides for the creation of routes for cheese, embroidery and ceramics.

The border regions of Portugal and Spain defined and presented a common strategic plan for the areas of tourism and agri-food.

"The border regions of the Center and North of Portugal and their neighbors in Spain today presented [June 29] a common strategic plan, supported by the European Union, which aims to jointly promote endogenous resources in the areas of tourism and agri-food", he explains a statement from Turismo do Centro de Portugal.

According to this information, “the meeting of partners of the 'CRECEER Project', which took place through digital platforms, was marked by the presentation of the proposal for an Interregional Strategic Plan (PEI) for 2020-2023, which will join the efforts of the 11 zones the territory covered by the project ”.

“The 'CRECEER' is a cross-border project, financed by European funds, whose main objective is to establish synergies between 11 cross-border areas, with a view to improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies in the 'gourmet' tourism and agrifood sectors”, said communiqué, explaining that the 11 territories covered by the 'CRECEER Project' are Beira Baixa and Beiras and Serra da Estrela, in the Center of Portugal; Douro and Trás-os-Montes, in the North; and El Bierzo, Vitigudino, Ciudad Rodrigo, Ávila, Toro, Sanabria and Aliste-Tábara-Alba, in Spain.

The statement in question emphasizes that “before the elaboration of the Interregional Strategic Plan, each of the 'CRECEER' zones defined the particular characterization of its territory and presented an individual Strategic Action Plan”, adding that “the PEI now presented follows this previous work and has already identified endogenous gastronomic resources common in the 11 regions, which, associated with the existing tourist offer, are the priorities of the project ”.

“Cheese, wine, olive oil, fresh meat and fruit are the strategic resources in all the territories where the first synergy efforts of 'CRECEER' will focus. Other common resources also identified were those of tourist interest - parks and natural spaces, beaches and river ports, fishing areas and hiking trails, in addition to museums and monumental and historical heritage. Events of tourist interest were also indicated, such as sports events, fairs, music festivals and religious festivities ”, points out the statement from Turismo do Centro de Portugal.

For those responsible for this initiative, “the strategy to be developed by the 'CRECEER' Project, based on the creation of business cooperation networks, involves joint promotion actions, among other strategic axes”.

"The next steps will focus on achieving the objectives of the plan, namely in terms of product development and the creation of new tourist packages, namely Cheese Routes, Embroidery Route and Ceramics Route", reveals the statement in question.

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