Brexit: Brussels warns that with or without agreement, London has decisions to make

In Brussels, the heads of the main bodies guarantee that there is a willingness to reach an agreement, however, that decision is now up to the executive in London. "The United Kingdom has a decision to make and its free and sovereign choice", said the President of the European Council.

The United Kingdom will have to implement and respect the Withdrawal Agreement signed with European Union officials regardless of the final outcome of the negotiations between the two parties. The warning was given in the European Parliament, this Tuesday, October 21, by the vice president of the European Commission. "With or without an agreement, the Withdrawal Agreement has to be respected", quotes "Reuters" the statements of Maros Sefcovi.

The Brexit negotiations came to a standstill about two months ago when questions about fisheries and the borders of British and European maritime territory were raised. This blockade comes at a time when negotiations are only four weeks away, at least according to the proposed timetable for January 31 this year, when the UK formally left the Union.

Sefcovic guarantees that the EU is committed to reaching a consensus on the trade agreement and other aspects of this future relationship, but that the two sides remain "distant" on fisheries issues and the so-called conditions of fair competition.

“Our aim is to reach an agreement that paves the way for a new fruitful relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom. We will continue to work for this agreement, but not at any price ”, he warned.

The President of the European Council does not rule out the possibility of an agreement, stating that, by the end of the year, there is a possibility for the Brexit negotiations to come to an end as, by that time, the current UK trade terms expire and free trade in tariffs and quotas can no longer be guaranteed.

“The time is very short and we are ready to negotiate 24 by seven, in all matters and legal texts. The UK has a decision to make and its free and sovereign choice ”, said Charles Michel at the same session of the European Parliament.

At the beginning of the year, the European Commission opened a case against the United Kingdom for violating what had already been agreed in relation to Brexit.

According to the official note, Brussels considers this failure "as the start of formal infringement proceedings against the United Kingdom, which has one month to respond to the notification sent today".

At stake is the bill presented by Boris Johnson, on September 9, on the United Kingdom's internal market (“United Kingdom Internal Market Bill“).

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