PremiumBusiness continuity risk is the most relevant for companies

A study by MDS reveals that the possibility of a 'V' recovery is, on the business side, a mirage: one to three years is the minimum expected time to return to pre-pandemic activity.

Business continuity is the most relevant risk detected by Portuguese entrepreneurs and managers in this phase of combating the Covid-19 pandemic, which is associated with the companies' liquidity level and cash flow situation, lack of orders, payment of wages , employee health, credit to customers and cyber risk. In this context, most entrepreneurs consider the 'V' recovery to be a mirage: one to three years is the expected time to return to pre-pandemic activity levels.

These indicators appear as the main conclusion of the study “MDS Research: Economic Situation in Portugal” - the responsibility of MDS, a multinational group that operates in the area of ​​insurance and reinsurance brokerage and risk consultancy - which also states that 47% of companies registered a reduction or closure of its activity, while only 5,2% increased its activity.

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BNI Europa increased losses to 6,6 million euros until June

Total net assets were 351,5 million euros in June, in this case 66,5 million euros less than in June 2019.

Banco de Portugal obliges financial institutions under the free provision of services to be reported

Hundreds of institutions are registered in Portugal as European Union credit institutions under the free provision of services and electronic money entities based in Europe under the free provision of services, as in the case of digital banks N26, Openbank or Revolut.

Metropolitan Transport of Lisbon approved by the Metropolitan Council

The Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon owns the entire company, which goes to the assets of the company OTLIS - Transport Operators of the Lisbon Region.