Funchal Chamber promotes Reading Club at the Municipal Library

The first three sessions of the Library's “Reading Club”, due to the public health crisis still underway in the country, will take place through the Zoom platform, on the next 19th of June, 17th of July and 14th of August, always at 18h.

The Funchal City Council (CMF) is promoting, from next June, a “Reading Club” at the Funchal Municipal Library, aimed at reading lovers and the community in general. This is an initiative with the objective of promoting reading habits and knowledge sharing through conversations and debates, according to the premise of each participant to bring their own book to the conversation.

Reading clubs have been regaining vitality over the past few years, and confirming potential with regard to the development and deepening of literary practices. The “Clube de Leitura” of the Municipal Library of Funchal will have sessions lasting one and a half hours, trying to discuss the meaning of reading for each member, and contributing as a regular meeting space, where readers reconstruct the works approached through his vision, making known new books and authors, and deepening new styles and literary genres.

The first three sessions of the Library's “Reading Club”, due to the public health crisis still ongoing in the country, will take place through the Zoom platform, on the next June 19, July 17 and August 14, always at 18 pm, having as guest writers Luísa Paolinelli, Viale Moutinho and Irene Lucília de Andrade, respectively. Since the sessions will be held online, participants must have a computer with a camera, microphone and sound.

The program includes an explanation of the functioning of the club, the presentation of the guest writer, the presentation of a book and a brief historical review of its author, followed by a space for debate. Registrations must be formalized by the 8th of each month, through the address, with name, age, and mobile phone number, being considered in order of arrival, up to a maximum of twelve participants per each session.

Alongside this initiative, the Funchal Municipal Library is also promoting online creative workshops under the motto “Accounts with Me - Dynamics and Resources for Creating and Telling Stories”, with the cultural mediator and storyteller Catarina Claro. These workshops are aimed at mothers, fathers, educators, teachers, socio-cultural animators, librarians and other interested parties. The first online session, already announced on the Library's channels, scheduled for June 5, is already sold out.


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