Carlos César insists that CDS is the privileged partner of the PS in the Azores

Socialists are still trying to dialogue with Christian Democrats. The same thing happened in 1996, but the coalition lasted only a year and ended badly, as all political quarters predicted at the time.

Although the talks between PSD and CDS in the Azores are "going well", the regional PS still hopes that the CDS will help a new socialist government in the regional Legislative Assembly. And Carlos César, president of the PS and former president of the Regional Government, assumes this in a publication on the social network Facebook.

“The CDS is, historically, a privileged interlocutor of the PS in the Region, in a continuous dialogue and with proven evidence in good part also justified by the moderate position of the PS in the Region. But it is not enough. You will have to go further. And, whatever the government, it must avoid precarious solutions ”, writes César, appealing to the responsibility of all parties after Sunday's regional elections, which dictated a victory for the PS, but with the loss of an absolute majority.

In fact, PS and CDS concluded an agreement in 1996, which allowed the socialists to replace the successive PSD governments, which that year lost the majority in the region. But the understanding between PS and CDS lasted only a year: for little more than a regional budget, it served to vote in favor. In the second, the agreement disappeared.

“Vasco Cordeiro has, as I said, a complex mission in front of him to form a government, and, even more, the right and the duty, determined by the results of the suffrage, to do so. It did so, on the electoral night itself, in search of a solution of stability and security for the Azores. But this is also a responsibility of other parties that want to effectively put the Azores and the Azoreans first ”, appeals the socialist leader, considering that the PS-Azores is the only party with the ability to“ talk to the left and right and, also for that reason, potential for greater stability ”.

Carlos César recalls that PSD - Açores can only establish a government with the support of five parties, which implies being “associated in some way with Chega”. So you ask, "Will you be able to reach that much? ... And even if it does, for how long?"

Chega had an initial position of refusing any dialogue at the same table with PSD, but it evolved to the presentation of conditions.

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