Carlos César: next President should value autonomy

The president of the PS said at the close of the XIX Congress of the PS / Madeira, the next Portuguese head of state must be a “contributor to political stability”, acting “against all extremism”.

The PS president said this Sunday, at the end of the XIX Congress of PS / Madeira, that the next Portuguese head of state should be a “contributor to political stability”, acting “against all extremisms” and valuing the autonomies of Madeira and the Azores .

“In a short time we will have the presidential elections, where we must all get involved to ensure that the President of the Republic is a contributor to political stability, to cooperation between sovereign bodies, engaged in social dialogue, against all extremisms, ensuring trust. of the people in the institutions, a president of one and no longer divide the Portuguese, ”he declared.

Carlos César spoke at the closing session of the PS / Madeira congress that took place in Funchal, confirming the leadership of Paulo Cafôfo, who was elected tenth party president in the region in July, in an internal election in which he was the only candidate.

"It is also important for a president to value and trust the island autonomies of the Azores and Madeira," he said, stressing that the processes of decentralizing local autonomy and institutionalizing regional autonomies "owe a lot" to the Socialist Party.

The PS president stated that the party does not receive any autonomy lessons from anyone, stressing that its commitment goes beyond the legal and institutional dimensions.

“We never lacked, in our country, when more and more resources were needed, for example for Madeira, even when they were essential to defend Madeira from the financial disasters that led us, many times, to the action of the PSD regional governments in this region. ", said.

Carlos César said that the Portuguese socialists now place “a lot of confidence and a lot of hope” in PS / Madeira, the largest opposition party, in the preparation of a “competent alternative” in the next regional legislative elections, in 2023.

“What I can already tell you, as president of the Socialist Party, is that you can count, I am sure, on the active support of Portuguese socialists, but the rule must be clear: in Madeira, we are PS / Madeira, in the Azores, we are the PS / Açores ”, he observed, stressing that, in general, the party must be“ united, solidary and rowing to the same side ”.

Carlos César alerted, on the other hand, to the great challenge that is to control the covid-19 pandemic and to operate the economic and social recovery of the country and the regions.

"Large sums of money, European funds and specific programs will be available to Madeira, which we hope the European Union will speed up quickly," he said, warning that the PS has a "great responsibility" for not allowing "misuse and misuse" execution ”of these“ large resources ”.

"There will not be many, nor close, opportunities that all this money will provide and we know that the PSD of Madeira is very expeditious to spend, but very destitute to invest with rigor and reproducibility", he declared.

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