CDS announces XNUMX new militants and devalues ​​Borges Lemos's departure

The “Chicão” party announces that it has registered more than a thousand new affiliates ”, and devalued the divorce of lawyer Pedro Borges Lemos, affirming“ that he represented nothing and nobody ”in the party.

The CDS-PP announced today that since the current leadership took office in January, it registered “more than a thousand new affiliates”, and devalued the divorce of lawyer Pedro Borges Lemos, stating “that he represented nothing and no one” in the party.

“The CDS-PP general secretary clarifies that the 'CDS XXI', of which Mr. Lemos said he was a leader and of which he was the only known member, he is not constituted as a current of opinion, nor as an internal trend of the CDS-PP ”, he said, in a note released today.

In the note, the party's general secretary, led by Francisco Tavares, stated that “Mr. Lemos did not represent anything or anyone at the CDS-PP, apart from his isolated militancy ”.

The party led by Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, who was elected in Congress at the end of January, said that it registered “an increase of more than a thousand new affiliates” since the new leadership took office.

This number "proves its growth and a significant increase in its mobilizing capacity for Portuguese society", underlined the party, which did not advance how many disagreements it registered in the same period.

"The CDS-PP is a space of freedom in the affirmation of a new popular party, which represents the only democratic right founded on the values ​​of European Christian democracy," he said.

The CDS-PP is "open to continue receiving those who want to share these values, which distinguish it from extremist ideologies in which we always build a wall", he added.

The lawyer and columnist Pedro Borges de Lemos, from the non-formalized “CDS XXI”, announced today that he left the party, criticizing the leadership, and expressed his willingness to join Chega.

“In view of the statements made by the president of the CDS-PP to Visão in which he stated that my presence at the demonstration 'Portugal is not racist' 'constituted an offense that could be appreciated by the party's jurisdictional bodies', I am declaring that I today I sent my CDS-PP affiliation, where I was a militant since 2013 ”, he revealed in a statement sent to the Lusa agency.

Pedro Borges de Lemos was a grassroots activist at the CDS-PP since 2013, not a member of any governing body. According to him, since 2017 he led a non-formalized opinion chain, called “CDS XXI”, which defended a “conservative and admittedly right-wing party”.

Critical of what he classified as “liberal drift” from the previous directions of Paulo Portas and Assunção Cristas, Borges de Lemos supported Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos at the January congress for the leadership of the CDS-PP, in which he presented a motion.

Affirming that he no longer identifies with “this CDS”, Pedro Borges de Lemos praised the “receptivity and solidarity of Chega and its leader”, André Ventura, declaring himself “open now to serve Portugal in the only right-wing political force that has shown the courage to fight the system in all its weaknesses ”.

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