CDS wants to improve results in the Azores and municipal elections

The president of the CDS-PP stated that the party wants to improve the results in the next electoral challenges, in order to “consolidate itself as the third political force” in the regionals of the Azores, in October.

The president of the CDS-PP affirmed this Sunday that the party wants to improve the results in the next electoral challenges, in order to “consolidate itself as the third political force” in the Azores regionals, in October, and gain more representation in the municipalities of next year.

The elections for the Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region of the Azores, which will be held on October 25, will be a “proof of life” for the party and the leader’s objective is “to consolidate the CDS as the third political force”, said Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos.

This challenge will “package the CDS for a chain of sustainable growth, proving that as some celebrate” polls, centrists will “celebrate results”.

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos closed today the school of paintings of the Popular Youth, that took place this Friday in Oliveira do Bairro, district of Aveiro, moment that also marked the political 'rentrée' of the CDS.

With the CDS / Azores leader and candidate, Artur Lima, present in the room, the president argued that Christian Democrats can “be the change” in that archipelago.

"A vote in the CDS in the Azores means a vote in the only party that can win an absolute majority from the PS" and can prevent "extremism from taking place in the Azorean parliament", he stressed.

In next year's municipal elections, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos wants to “add mayors, if possible mayors, to guarantee and reinforce the majority of those chambers that are chaired by the CDS and in alliance policy, where they are working and well, to allow the CDS guarantees the renewal of its mandates, winning new ones and strengthening its territorial network of mayors from north to south and islands ”.

"We are a party that obviously wants to run for election with good results, we want to satisfy our party's ambitions in elections but we want to govern for the next generations", he stressed.

Turning inward, the president of the CDS pointed out that the party's "success" will depend on the leadership, but above all on each of the leaders and activists of the CDS ", who he dubbed" the approximately 40 spokespersons "and Centrist “ambassadors” at the local level.

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