China 2021-2025

It is surprising how little emphasis China 's Five Year Plans have earned. Analyzing them makes it possible to know, with little margin of error, the strategic objectives of a regime that is still very opaque.

It is surprising how little attention the China Five Year Plans deserve from the international press and most analysts. Being true that they have existed since 1953 and that for a long time they did not have much relevance for the world economy, in the last decades the situation is quite different.

This is because, in this century, the Plans have been a roadmap for transforming the economy from a Soviet style to a “socialist market economy” and there is a strong commitment to achieving its objectives. Analyzing the Five-Year Plans makes it possible to know, with little margin of error, what China's strategic objectives are.

The 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) emphasizes self-reliance in technology - a national strategic pillar. China wants to become the world leader in innovation, so that in 2035 it will be responsible for the biggest discoveries in key technologies, and does not want to depend on third parties in the manufacture of chips.

The objective of an environmentally compatible development is also mentioned. Leader since 2004 in carbon emissions, China intends to pollute less in the future and rebuild areas that have been degraded, which is a novelty. Just as it intends to continue to increase per capita income to reach the level of moderately developed countries. There are also important references to the improvement of national defense means, the reintegration of Taiwan and the maintenance of status quo in Hong Kong and Macau.

There will be other points to study in this 14th Plan and the way in which the country has followed the previous ones, it is mandatory to read it by anyone who wants to anticipate the strategic movements of a regime that is still very opaque.


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