Circulation restrictions compel PS to postpone meeting to decide guidelines for presidential candidates

The meeting was rescheduled for November 7, and support for one of the pre-applications already announced may be formalized. Internal divisions between support for the re-election of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa or the former MEP of PS Ana Gomes persist.

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The Socialist Party (PS) again postponed the National Commission meeting to decide the party's position in relation to the January presidential elections. The meeting was rescheduled for November 7, and support for one of the pre-candidacies already announced may be formalized, at a time when internal divisions persist between supporting the re-candidacy of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa or the former MEP of PS Ana Gomes.

“The meeting of the National Socialist Party Commission, which was scheduled for October 31, has been rescheduled for November 7, due to circulation restrictions approved at the last meeting of the Council of Ministers“, It reads in a note sent by the socialists to the media.

As previously planned, the meeting of the members of the maximum organ of the PS between congresses will have the same agenda, which will be dedicated to the analysis of the political situation and the presidential elections, and should take place at the Capitólio cinema, in Parque Mayer, in Lisbon, from the 14:30 pm.

The call to decide the PS's position in relation to the presidential ones comes after the party's general secretary, António Costa, has hinted, during a visit to Autoeuropa in May, which would support the re-candidacy of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (PSD activist) to the Presidency of the Republic. The launching of Ana Gomes (PS activist) in the race for presidential candidates came to change the turns for socialists.

Asked about Ana Gomes' candidacy and possible support from the PS, the deputy general secretary of the socialists, José Luís Carneiro, sent statements to “own time” and underlined that presidential candidacies are not “sponsored by political parties”. From what the JE learned, freedom of vote seems, however, to be the principle that brings together the most consensus among the members of the National PS Commission.

Na formalization of the application, on September 10, Ana Gomes said that she waited “for months” for the PS to move forward with a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic and that, taking into account the delay, decided to advance in defense of democracy and against “installed interests” and in name of the “field of democratic and progressive socialism”.

Ana Gomes' candidacy already has some support within the PS, such as the former parliamentary leader and ex-socialist MEP Francisco Assis, and the leader of the minority trend within the PS Political Commission, Daniel Adrião. The former presidential candidate and former deputy elected by the PS Henrique Neto also came to say that it is a “potentially winning” candidacy and Paulo Pedroso, a former PS minister (who has since left the party) wrote on Twitter that “for a long time "Who" did not see the far-right leader so nervous ".

Out of the party, Ana Gomes has also received support from the People-Animals-Nature Party (PAN), who highlighted the diplomat and former MEP as a “strong and independent” candidate and the only one who is “progressive, humanist, Europeanist” and “meets the PAN values ​​and feels the climate emergency we are experiencing and also the concerns of our young people ”.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who has not yet announced whether he will be re-elected, now has the support of the Social Democratic Party (PSD). As soon as it announced the re-application, the CDS-PP has also pledged to support the Head of State in a new mandate to Belém. also has the vote of former Mayor of Lisbon, João Soares, and the current Lisbon mayor Fernando Medina.

Among the socialists, there are also those who have already assumed that they will support the candidacy of the candidate of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP), João Ferreira, as was the case with congresswoman Isabel Moreira.

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