“Climate change will be the next pandemic”, warns Bill Gates

Through his 'Gates Notes' blog, the Microsoft co-founder says he wants to focus his energies and resources on the consequences of climate change, justifying that this will be “the next economic and health challenge that society will face. As terrible as this pandemic is, the consequences of climate change can be much worse ”

The co-founder of Microsoft, who is also one of the richest men in the world, says that climate change will be the new major challenge of the future, even calling the possible crisis a “new pandemic”. Bill Gates wants to focus on the impact of climate change to help with the economic and health crises that society will face, according to "El Economista".

Bill Gates predicted the pandemic of the new coronavirus years before its arrival in 2015. This made him today regret not having done more to prevent society by saying that “I wish I had done it in calling attention to the danger that the situation imposed ”.

Learning from the past, the Microsoft co-founder wants to focus his energies and resources on the consequences of climate change, justifying that this will be “the next economic and health challenge that society will face. As terrible as this pandemic is, the consequences of climate change can be much worse, ”he wrote on his personal blog.

Bill Gates, along with his wife Melinda, has been one of the prominent figures in the Covid-19 crisis. In addition to hundreds of millions of dollars in donations to find a vaccine, he has been a visible face of American society that has warned of the dangers of the virus or the need for confinement as the best strategy to prevent the spread. With this baggage, one who is one of the richest men in the world wants to use the power of influence he has to make society aware of the dangers that climate change represents.

"Although the world works to end the new coronavirus and start to recover, we must also act immediately to prevent a climate disaster by creating and implementing innovations that will allow us to eliminate the greatest number of greenhouse gas emissions," he explains on his blog.

The Microsoft co-founder guarantees that "climate change can cause more deaths at the end of the century than Covid-19". While the coronavirus, the millionaire estimates, has a mortality rate of 14 per 100 people over the next 40 years, global temperature increases are expected to cause mortality rates similar to Covid-19. In addition, the Microsoft co-founder predicts that if emissions growth remains high by the end of the century, climate change could be responsible for an additional 73 deaths per 100 people. "In other words, in 2060, climate change could be as deadly as Covid-19, and in 2100 it could be five times as deadly," says Gates.

Thus, Bill Gates calls on society and governments to establish measures against the effects of climate change, because their solution does not have a vaccine and will take more time. “Unlike the new coronavirus, for which I think we will have a vaccine next year, there is no two-year solution to reverse climate change. It will take decades to develop and implement all the necessary cleaning ”.

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