Collaborative Laboratories capture 100 million and create 553 scientific jobs in five years

The 26 CoLABs in Portugal operate in strategic areas such as health, energy, digital transformation and agri-food, are distributed throughout the national territory and include 200 partner entities. In the last two days they met at an annual meeting.

The National Innovation Agency (ANI) estimates that in five years public investment in Collaborative Laboratories (CoLAB) will exceed 96 million euros and that they will create 553 qualified jobs.

There are 26 CoLAB in strategic areas such as health, energy, digital and agrifood transformation, namely: MORE, CoLAB Vinha e Vinhos, DTx, ForestWISE, CoLAB Atlântico, GreenCoLAB, CoLABOR, AlmaScience / Colab, ProBiorefinery, CemLab, Value4Health.CoLAB , CECOLAB, SFCoLAB, NET4CO2, ProChild, InnovPlantProtect, S2uL, CoLab4Food, B2E, VectorB2B, VORTEX, VG CoLAB, FOODLAB, BUILT CoLAB, SeLAB and InovFeed.

The Collaborative Laboratories are distributed throughout the national territory and include 200 partner entities, namely SMEs, large companies, higher education institutions and research centers. Among the partners, 35% of the associates are small and medium-sized firms and 16% are large companies. Also noteworthy is the strong presence of entities from the Research & Innovation system, which make up 40% of CoLAB members. According to ANI, this fact is explained by the nature of the laboratories and their base deeply linked to the knowledge produced with their scientific partners and a strong orientation towards their valorization in the market.

Created in 2019 by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, CoLAB intend to accelerate the transfer of technology and knowledge to companies and are the result of collaboration between different entities, from higher education institutions and research units to companies. To date, they are responsible for the creation of more than three hundred highly qualified jobs, having raised 69 million euros of investment from the Government, most of which was used to hire scientific jobs.

At the annual meeting, which took place this Saturday and the previous Friday, Manuel Heitor, the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, who is in quarantine for having tested positive for Covid-19, stressed, by videoconference, that CoLAB have “an opportunity for scientific and academic institutions, in close collaboration with economic, social and cultural actors, to contribute to the construction, in Portugal, of projects of international relevance, with an effective impact on society, stimulating the creation of qualified jobs in Portugal."

In the same vein, he added that "they must consolidate and promote the capacity and potential that scientific, academic and business communities have to face the opportunity to link knowledge with well-being and social and economic development in Portugal".

ANI is the entity that monitors the implementation of the research and innovation agenda of all CoLABs. The CoLAB recognition process, on the other hand, is ensured by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).


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