Costa assures Lagarde “scrupulous compliance” of the agreement with Novo Banco

According to a tweet published by the Prime Minister this Thursday, António Costa ensures that he has guaranteed the President of the ECB “the scrupulous fulfillment of the commitments assumed in connection with the sale of Novo Banco.

Election campaigns are tiring. Let it be said by António Costa, who had to redefine the agenda due to “muscular back pain”.

Prime Minister António Costa assured the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, that Portugal will fulfill the commitments assumed with the sale of Novo Banco.

According to a tweet published by the Prime Minister this Thursday, António Costa assures that he has guaranteed Christine Lagarde “the scrupulous fulfillment of the commitments assumed in connection with the sale of Novo Banco.

The blockade proposal that foresees the elimination of the authorization to transfer the Resolution Fund to Novo Banco was finally approved in Parliament this Thursday. The rule had been raised after a negative coalition made it possible in the Budget and Finance Commission (COF) last night, and after negotiating until the last, it seemed that for the moment the Government had managed to reverse the result.

Early in the afternoon, António Costa lamented that "parties have deserted or have not resisted the populist temptation to pass measures that could threaten international credibility" referring to the measure that halted the transfer of 476 million to Novo Banco.

The proposal had the green light yesterday at the COF, with favorable votes from the PSD, BE, PCP and PAN and the abstention of the CDS, having voted against only the PS, the Liberal Initiative and Chega. However, the proposal was called again to Plenary, where the ENP and the two non-registered deputies also take place.

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Veto on the injection of Novo Banco creates capital problems and puts the State in default

The lead to the capitalization of Novo Banco creates serious solvency risks, which could be aggravated by the expected increase in bad debts, at the end of the default, if the parliamentary lead to the injection of Novo Banco is not reversed in May, in an amending OE.

Court of Auditors says it is working on the audit of Novo Banco and does not advance with deadlines

The Court of Auditors does not advance with deadlines for the delivery of the audit. If it does not arrive by the end of April, the capitalization of Novo Banco may be compromised.

Rui Rio: “Novo Banco? When the Government wants to transfer money, it will have to present an Amending Budget ”

The president of the PSD justified this afternoon the vote in favor of the BE proposal that prevented capital injections in Novo Banco. He added that he expects an Amending Budget to discuss the reasons for transferring money to Novo Banco.

Novo Banco: Costa criticizes parties that approve “measures that could threaten the country's international credibility”

"I want to thank all those who have not deserted," said the prime minister today, praising PAN, PCP, PEV, Joacine Katar Moreira and Cristina Rodrigues for abstaining from the OE 2021 vote.

Banif's and BES's foreign branches accuse the Government of violating “the constitutional principle of equality”

ALEV (Association of Lesbian Emigrants from Venezuela and South Africa) and ABESD - Association for the Defense of Banking Clients come to speak of "potential violation of the constitutional principle of equality" in reaction to the news that the Government may not guarantee victims of external branches of BES and the injured Banif.

Banks repeat repeat public service rules in new general confinement

Despite the general duty of home collection, customers who need to go in person to a bank branch can do so. But banks have again introduced public service rules to mitigate the risk of contagion from Covid-19.

Novo Banco elected the best Portuguese trade finance bank

Trade finance was a sector hit particularly hard by the consequences of the pandemic, “its providers having been forced to respond and adapt to unforeseen challenges”, explains the institution.