Costa: “Today will be the solution day for TAP”. PM believes in agreement with private shareholders

The prime minister hopes to reach an agreement with private shareholders, but said that, if "necessary", the state is prepared to impose itself.

António Pedro Santos / Lusa

António Costa hopes that today a solution will be found for TAP, believing that it is possible to reach an agreement with the private shareholders: Humberto Pedrosa and David Neeleman.

"TAP is surely on the way to have a stable solution that ensures Portugal maintains its company, which is fundamental for our territorial continuity, for our connection with the world", the Prime Minister began today saying in statements in the border town of Elvas, Portalegre district, in a ceremony marking the reopening of the borders with Spain.

“I am sure that, if not today, in the limit in the next few days we will have a final solution. If I had to bet I would say that today will be the solution day for TAP, ”he said in statements transmitted by TVI 24.

“I hope that [the solution is] negotiated and in agreement with our private partners and not exactly an act of imposition by the State. If necessary, we will be here for that, I hope it is not necessary ”, he pointed out.

Asked about the stalemate in the negotiations between the State shareholder and the private shareholder David Neeleman, as has been reported, the prime minister hopes that the negotiating differences will be overcome. "I haven't had the opportunity to have information in the past few hours, but I think the problem will be overcome very quickly."

SIC advanced on Tuesday that the state is trying to buy David Neeleman's position at TAP, where it holds 22,5% of the capital.

The State is willing to pay 40 million euros, but the American businessman only accepts to go out for 55 million euros, according to SIC, who says that the other private shareholder, Humberto Pedrosa (22,5% of the capital) may strengthen its position in the company by entering the remaining 15 million euros to close the deal.

If this scenario advances, the State will hold 70% of the capital, compared to the current 50%, with the capital going to be mostly in the hands of the Portuguese State.

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