Covid-19: Ireland considers additional measures to curb non-essential travel

Ireland has confirmed 26.065 cases of coronavirus infection and 1.763 deaths.


Ireland is considering implementing additional measures to curb non-essential travel, said Stephen Donnelly, the country's health minister, according to Reuters. justification presented by the governor is related to the increase in the case of infections of the disease.

The Irish health minister said, quoted by Reuters, that Ireland will introduce random tests at airports, and increase the presence of health officials, and that other options for additional measures regarding non-essential travel are being considered, because the international situation is becoming more volatile.

Ireland has confirmed 26.065 cases of coronavirus infection and 1.763 deaths, according to the World Health Organization.


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Salesforce creates technology to manage and distribute Covid-19 vaccines

The “ for Vaccines” platform aims to help healthcare organizations to avoid possible interruptions in the supply chain, as it manages inventories and supports professionals to determine and prioritize people's eligibility for drug administration.