PSD wants more detail in DGS reports to promote “public scrutiny” to fight the pandemic

Social democrats consider it essential to promote “public scrutiny of how to fight the pandemic” and suggest that the same information be sent to the Assembly of the Republic every two weeks.

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The Social Democratic Party (PSD) asks the Government to make available on the website of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) information updated daily on the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic in Portugal. Social democrats consider it essential to promote “public scrutiny of how to fight the pandemic” and suggest that the same information be sent to the Assembly of the Republic every two weeks.

Num draft resolution sent to the Assembly of the Republic this Friday, the PSD recommends to the Government that relevant information regarding the epidemiological situation of Covid-19 should be published by DGS “in an updated and daily way”, detailing various elements such as “the identification and characterization of new confirmed and suspected cases in Covid- 19 (making it clear how many cases are confirmed and when they are suspected) ”.

PSD requests that, whether confirmed cases of infection by Covid-19 as well as deaths caused by the disease, start to be broken down by sex and age and that “reference to possible comorbidities” be made and that DGS disclose “distribution by region health, metropolitan area and municipality of residence ”and,“ whenever the high incidence justifies it, by parish, neighborhood and street ”.

The Social Democrats also argue that the DGS should clarify whether the suspected cases are due to "a result of the inconclusive Covid-19 test or to be validated, or if they were secondary to a confirmed case".

They also want the number of Covid-19 patients admitted to hospitals of the National Health Service (SNS) to be detailed, including in intensive care services, “identifying the hospitals where patients are hospitalized”, and for Covid's epidemiological curves to be released. -19 “by health region, including information on indicators of the degree of transmissibility, the R (t), and the average number of contagions”.

The total number of tests performed and how many were repeated on the same people, as well as the geographic distribution of the tests, are other information that the PSD wants to see in detail. They also ask to describe the actual availability of beds for hospitalization of patients in NHS hospitals, according to the three levels of care: I - Basic; II - Intermediate; III - Intensive.

“The most recent evolution of Covid-19 in our country, as well as the change in focus that it requires in socio-geographic terms, in which local realities are increasingly determining, it is important to evolve into an information system that promotes a demanding but there is a need for public scrutiny of how to fight the pandemic ”, defends the PSD, in the document signed by Ricardo Baptista Leite.

Initially, DGS press conferences were held daily, but, starting on June 15, they were held only three times a week (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). However, the disclosure of Covid-19 figures in Portugal continues to be published every day, as was customary until then, only a few indicators (such as discrimination by municipality) have been removed from the DGS report. .

PSD deputies praise the Portuguese who voluntarily complied with the rules of confinement and prevention and protection against the pandemic in Portugal, but realize that this effort “has not, in recent months, been accompanied by an effective reopening strategy that protects public health, especially in the case of the most vulnerable population groups ”

"It is undeniable, however, that the success of any strategy and of the measures to fight the pandemic depend, decisively, on the correctness, reliability and sufficiency of the technical and epidemiological information that is available at every moment", underlines the PSD.

The party further understands that the Assembly of the Republic, “due to the political diversity of the representation it closes, may prove to be the best seat for the realization of the rights to information and the protection of the health of the Portuguese” and should, therefore, be sent to the Parliament, every 15 days, the detailed information that the PSD requires from the Government.

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