Covid-19: Suspicious case in Cape Verde was in Portugal

The suspected case of the new coronavirus under investigation on the island of São Vicente is a Cape Verdean citizen who was at an event in Portugal with a confirmed case of Covid-19, Cape Verde's health minister said today.

The announcement was made by the government official, Arlindo do Rosário, in a statement to the press earlier today, at Hospital Dr. Baptista de Sousa, in Mindelo, São Vicente island, but without giving further details or identifying the person in question, who is already hospitalized and in a “stable” situation in that hospital.

The Minister of Health said only that the case fits the requirements to be analyzed and investigated as such and that the person concerned was recently in Portugal, "in an event with a case" of the new "confirmed" coronavirus.

This announcement comes shortly after the Cape Verdean writer Germano de Almeida confirmed to the local media that, due to his participation in a literary festival in Portugal together with the Chilean writer Luís Sepúlveda, diagnosed with the new coronavirus, started on the island of São Vicente, a period of forty, voluntarily.

The 74-year-old Cape Verdean writer, winner of the Camões Prize in 2018, returned to Mindelo on Saturday, after participating in the Correntes d'Escritas literary festival, which took place from February 15 to 23 in Póvoa de Varzim.

Without naming names, the Minister of Health said only that the person is "already hospitalized" and that he has, however, been subjected to "a battery of tests".

"We will wait for the evolution", said the Minister of Health, in a statement without the right to ask questions and guaranteeing only that the priority of the Government of Cape Verde is the detection of suspicious cases.

“Containment and response,” added Arlindo do Rosário.

The Covid-19 epidemic caused by a new coronavirus, which originated in China in December 2019, has already infected almost 90 people in 67 countries on five continents, of which 3.056 died.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Covid-19 outbreak as an international public health emergency and increased the risk to “very high”.

"The idea is to delay the arrival of the coronavirus in the country as much as possible," said the Prime Minister on Friday, about the emergency plan that was activated by the Government, in the amount of 700.000 euros, to deal with the epidemic of Covid-19.

“It is not possible to close the borders of the world. So, until the control is effective, we have to be prepared, without dramatizing and creating opportunistic alarms to take advantage of situations that affect the world as a whole ”, added Ulisses Correia e Silva.

As a preventive measure, the Cape Verdean Government has already suspended, for a period of three weeks, until March 20, but which may be extended, all air connections from Italy, destination of 30.000 annual tourists to the archipelago.

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