CP signed a contract to purchase 22 new trains for 158 million euros

CP predicts that the delivery of the first unit will take place at the end of 2024, and the process will have to go through the Court of Auditors.


CP - Comboios de Portugal signed this Wednesday a contract for the purchase of 22 trains for a total of 158 million euros, after the court lifted the suspensive effect of a process challenging the tender.

In a statement, the operator indicated that “it celebrated this Wednesday the contract for the acquisition of 22 new trains, of the FLIRT model, from Stadler, in an investment of the order of 158 million euros”.

This award resulted from “the international public tender for the purchase of rolling stock, which CP launched in 2019” under which the Swiss proposal by Stadler “qualified as the most favorable, namely, in terms of price and technical quality” , it is read on the same note.

The carrier recalled that “the contract includes the supply of twelve Bimodo Automotive Units and ten Electric Automotive Units and respective parts, as well as the provision of maintenance, preventive and corrective services, for a minimum period of three years, accompanied by training services. ”.

CP predicts that the delivery of the first unit will take place at the end of 2024, and the process will have to go through the Court of Auditors.

On October 08, Público reported that the Lisbon Administrative Court had lifted the suspensive effect of the contesting action of the losing competitor CAF, which allowed it to proceed with the contest.

According to the process, which Lusa consulted, the Spanish CAF, which saw its proposal be excluded due to the lack of a document, guaranteed that the Swiss from Stadler did not present all the documents requested for the tender and that the prices on certain items were not correctly specified in the application.

CAF pointed out the lack of a “specification for self-propelled units” and other important specifications.

The Spanish company even said that Stalder "admits the default" saying that it would provide this data later.

According to CAF, Stadler also did not provide sufficient information about a component of its proposal, which specifies parts required by the tender and which are globally valued at more than 3,3 million euros, a figure that “is not real” , according to CAF, because no information was submitted to support it.

In October last year, the Government authorized CP to spend 168,2 million euros on 22 new trains, according to a resolution by the Council of Ministers published in Diário da República.

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