PremiumCP gets jackpot: 'Oldies museum' will end for good?

The great doubt expressed by the railway specialists is whether the promise to purchase the new 129 trains for CP will be realized during the next 10 years. The situation of the company's fleet is unsustainable, with a fleet of trains falling from old people, full of 'patches' on top of 'patches'.

The public rail service contract signed by the State with CP provided for the purchase of 66 new trains, but this objective has now been increased to 129 new trains, so it is expected that by the end of 2029, CP will receive the funds needed to complete all these purchases. According to the Plan's Great Options for 2021-2023, the purchase of these 129 new trains is expected to cost around 950 million euros.

It is important to remember that the most “recent” trains of CP are almost 20 years old. These are the 34 electric traction units purchased in 2002 that are circulating in the service of the Oporto Urban Trains, from the 3401 to 3484 series. All the rest are either "just older" or "much older". The Urbanos de Lisboa service uses electric trains purchased in 1992, 1997 and 1999. The 24 Intercidades electric trains, of the 5600 series, which reach speeds of 220 km / hour, were purchased in 1993. The initial 10 Alfa Pendulares electric trains, from 4000 series, which can also run at 220 km / hour, date from 1999, the same year in which 12 double-deck electric trains, from the 3519 to 3580 series were purchased.

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Monese and Mastercard form a European partnership

The purpose of the agreement is to offer local banking services to consumers across Europe, including Portugal. Customers of British 'fintech' multi-currency accounts now have access to the global Mastercard card acceptance network.

CP signed a contract to purchase 22 new trains for 158 million euros

CP predicts that the delivery of the first unit will take place at the end of 2024, and the process will have to go through the Court of Auditors.

Competition Court declares statute of limitations on BdP fines to former Montepio administrator

Tribunal da Concorrência declared the prescription of the infractions imputed by the supervisor to the former administrator of Montepio Rui Amaral, in a process that has already had its sentence overturned by the Tribunal da Relação and which is scheduled to start again this week.