Crew members 'union does not want to believe' that TAP will reduce salaries

SNPVAC President Henrique Louro Martins said, in an interview with “Público”, that the workers he represents have already lost a large part of their remuneration and regrets that the administration has not yet communicated the airline's restructuring plan.

The president of the National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC), Henrique Louro Martins, guarantees that he is not waiting for a drop in salaries to face the problems of the air carrier. "We have nothing new about anything, but I don't want to believe that TAP wants to change salaries after this whole cut we took," he said, in an interview with “Público”.

According to the union leader, such a scenario would be unfair after the sacrifices that have been demanded. “The impact has been brutal. Both monetarily and socially. The crew saw their wages cut by about two-thirds, which is a very large percentage for their lives, ”he said, pointing to wage cuts between 400 and 1.300 euros due to reduced hours or lack of activity.

Henrique Louro Martins said he feared that TAP would have fewer than 500 crew members, out of the XNUMX who did not see the contract renewed and the same number that could happen. In this regard, the president of SNPVAC considered it “unfortunate” that the new administration, chaired by Ramiro Sequeira, has not yet communicated the restructuring plan, allowing to know how many planes the air carrier will stay with, since if the departures of crew members exceed the thousand, "must be negotiated, with head, trunk and limbs", including early retirements, unpaid leave, part-time work, terminations by mutual agreement and a retirement plan.


TAP cabin crew union complains about lack of management information

SNPVAC - National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel complains that TAP's management does not provide information on the restructuring process, claims that the workers it represents have been the most affected by the national airline's weight loss measures and announced the creation of a team of […]

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TAP Portugal

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