SITAVA criticizes ANA management

Union accuses airport manager of failing to comply with company agreement with workers.

SITAVA - Union of Aviation and Airport Workers launched today, August 7, in a statement, strong criticisms of the administration of ANA - Aeroprotos de Portugal, controlled by the French group Vinci.

“Arriving in the month of August, it starts to become evident that Covid-19 has served as an excuse for everything, including the failure to implement the SAD (Internal Performance Support System), which has delayed the development in professional careers”, denounces the aforementioned communiqué, adding that "it is time to remember that workers have been 'voluntarily' responding to the mitigation measures proposed by ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal, reducing working times and, consequently, their wages".

The SITAVA statement also recalls that “with regard to working hours, workers have, in a very comprehensive way, accessed hours with irregularities outside the company agreement, but
in favor of more mitigation measures and for the safety of all, avoiding hypothetical group contamination ”.

“It is time to also remember that unions and workers agreed to postpone the wage review that was scheduled for 2020. But SITAVA and workers know that, despite this wave of 'solidarity' around
from this scourge, the company agreement is not suspended and, therefore, its content must be fulfilled by the parties! ”, demands SITAVA.

The union continues the criticisms, reiterating that what is defined in Annex III (Career System, clause
5th - Development in Professional Careers) "must be fulfilled, and the workers are not responsible for any failures to comply with the stipulations!".

"Does the company ANA, with such good operating results in recent years, want to 'whistle to the side' with the evocation of Covid-19, with respect to the real expectations of its workers?" SITAVA.

Union officials point out that “it is never too much to remember that ANA had, in the last seven years, 1.173,2 million euros in profits, and in 2019 alone, for a turnover of 847 million euros, costs with personnel represented less than 10% of that amount! ”.

“SITAVA does not accept that, once again, it is the workers who pay the invoice and contribute to the dividends of the shareholder Vinci, and challenges ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal to 'volunteer', thus fulfilling with its workers the performance evaluation and the consequent career development ”, concludes the SITAVA statement.

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