CTT pushes PSI-20 to positive ground in line with European markets

The PSI 20 ended up appreciating 0,48% to 4.400,78 points driven by the shares of Mota-Engil and CTT. This is the third consecutive earnings session for the national index.

Cristina Bernardo

The main Portuguese stock index closed the session, this Wednesday on positive ground, similar to European counterparts. Thus, the PSI-20 ended up appreciating 0,48% to 4.400,78 points, driven by the actions of Mota-Engil and CTT. This is the third consecutive earnings session for the national index.

The construction company recorded the biggest gain in this session, having valued 3,43% to 1,268 euros, one day after being classified as the 28th best construction company with European origins and the 76th largest construction company listed on the stock exchange, according to the 'Global Powers of Construction' ranking, prepared by the consultancy Deloitte.

CTT, on the other hand, advanced to positive territory, rising 3,21% to 2,57 euros on a day when they are preparing to release data for the second quarter of this year.

Accompanying the positive trend in the order of 1% is Altri (2,37% to 4,41 euros), Novabase (1,86% to 3,290 euros), Semapa (1,52% to 8,01 euros) and BCP (1,38% to 0,1030 cents).

EDP ​​shares rose 0,59% to 4,40 euros, with the news that António Mexia invested 26 million euros in new energy shares, while the Spanish invested 74 million euros to continue with 7% of EDP. The price of subscription rights to the capital increase of 1,02 billion euros for the energy company to finance part of the purchase of the Spanish company Viesgo rises 12,65% to 0,0971 euros each on Euronext Lisbon.

In negative territory came Nos (0,95% to 3,74 euros), Pharol (0,17% to 0,1150 cents) and Jerónimo Martins (0,17% to 14,30 euros).

“European stock exchanges close higher for the third consecutive day (Dax is the exception, since it closed yesterday's session in the red) recovering part of the losses recorded last week”, writes Ramiro Loureiro, analyst at Millennium investment banking.

Looking at European markets, the English Ftse100 rises 1,07% to 6,100 points, followed by the French CAC40 which values ​​0,90% to 4,933 points. The remaining DAX, EuroStx50 and IBEX 35 rose 0,47% to 12,660 points, 0,43% to 3,268 points and 0,26% to 7,040 points, respectively.

“In the corporate context, the highlight was Dialog's rise, after disclosing the results of the 2nd quarter, while on the macroeconomic level it was revealed that PMI Serviços in the Euro Zone expanded at a slower pace than expected in July. Retail sales in the region also show lower growth than expected by analysts in June. ”, He continues.

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