Deadline for filing annual IRS statement ends today

The deadline for taxpayers to submit their IRS statement regarding income earned in 2019 ends at 24:00 today, the day on which three months have passed since the beginning of this tax liability.

This deadline is the same for all taxpayers regardless of the type of income they earned during 2019 and the declaration has to be submitted (or confirmed, if it is a situation covered by the automatic IRS) electronically, through the Finance Portal .

Compliance with this tax obligation coincided with the covid-19 pandemic situation, which led the Government to appeal to taxpayers, especially older people, not to leave their homes to ask for support in filling out the declaration and to check beforehand whether would not be exempt from delivering it or covered by the automatic IRS.

The automatic declaration, which during the delivery period is considered provisional, becomes final at the end of the period and is considered to be automatically delivered when it ends, if it has not been validated.

This automation does not prevent taxpayers concerned from later refusing and replacing.

According to AT data, as of the beginning of Monday, 5.349.698 declarations had been submitted, a number that indicates that on that date there were still about half a million declarations, taking into account the 5.831.280 that were delivered. during the 2019 campaign.

Over the past few years, the average IRS repayment period has declined successively, but this year this has not happened, with the first tax refunds beginning to be processed on April 21.

According to the Ministry of Finance, up to the beginning of last week, 1.824.641 IRS refunds, amounting to 1.869 million euros, had been processed (ie paid).

At the end of May, according to the Directorate-General for Budget (DGO), the amount of refunds paid corresponded to 862,4 million euros, which translates to a 60% decrease (-1.300 million euros) compared to tax that had been returned until the same month of 2019.

In 2019, the total amount of IRS refunds amounted to 3.003,1 million euros, according to the information available in the budget execution summary of DGO.

In 2018, the amount returned to taxpayers had been 2.626,4 million euros.

According to the AT Activities Report for 2019, the average IRS repayment term was, on average, 16,9 days in 2019, in the case of those paid by bank transfer. This average term compares with the 23 and 17 days recorded in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

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