Deco advises consumers to save their Christmas allowance

Once you receive your allowance, set an amount to set aside and apply to savings, advises Deco.

With the entry into the Christmas season, the date of receiving the much desired Christmas allowance is approaching. For most consumers, this duplicate 'paycheck' helps with Christmas shopping and earning extra 'slack'. And in 2020, such an atypical and difficult year, this extra certainly has added value. Today we all have the notion that in the blink of an eye we face an unexpected and emergency situation.

Having a savings prepared for the short and medium term is essential, so we advise you to:

· Once you receive your allowance, set an amount to set aside and apply to savings.

· Make a budget for the holiday season, define how much you want and can spend on Christmas shopping.

· Make the gift list. Set a maximum amount to spend on gifts and per person and don't forget: do your shopping as early as possible.

· If you are not able to give offers to all those you would like to give, only give them to those who consider it more important to 'give a gift'. The spirit of Christmas is solidarity and peace, not excessive consumerism.

· If you choose to shop online, be sure to pay attention to the privacy of your personal data, including your credit / debit card or bank account number. Make sure the site is secure and is commercially identified.

· When paying for purchases, avoid using easy credits and / or credit cards. By opting for these, you may be jeopardizing your financial well-being, as you may not be able to afford the payment of these in the months ahead.

Don't forget: saving today means you are ensuring that charges are met in the near future.

Find out on the GASDECO portal.


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