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Some visitors found it amusing to see a parrot tell them to do things that are highly unacceptable, but the park management fears the impact of such behavior.

The elephants at the Warsaw Zoo are unnerved after the death of Erna, the oldest elephant in the herd, in March (not from Covid). As elephants are matriarchal, the others were stressed, which made Zoo staff try to calm them down with CBD, cannabidiol. It is extracted from cannabis, but it has the advantage of not leaving anyone who uses it stoned. Indeed, with regard to human consumption, WHO recommended that it be removed from the list of prohibitions. As for elephants, I hope it's just soothing, I don't want to imagine a stoned elephant.

I just don't understand why they don't follow the recipe at the Islamabad Zoo, which the court ordered them to release or transfer their animals. The Kaavan elephant, who is nervous and unhappy, is destined for a sanctuary in Cambodia, and veterinarian Amir Khalil was called to prepare him for the trip. Khalil has soothed the animal with music by Frank Sinatra, and “My Way” has proved particularly effective - after all, it is really true that music tame the beasts.

Another unique case is that of five gray parrots from the Lincolnshire Wildlife Center (LWC) - Billy, Eric, Tyson, Jane and Elsie - that will be separated and placed in places far from the park not for social distance due to Covid, but because they curse heavily and ugly and compete with each other in this peculiar activity. This is when the other famous LWC parrot, Chico parrot, sings part of Beyoncé's repertoire, including “If I Were a Boy”. It has already happened that parrots swear, but five at the same time is too much, in addition to being able to pass the habit to the other 200 parrots.

Not that there were any complaints; on the contrary, some visitors found it amusing to see a parrot tell them to do things that are highly unavoidable, but the park management fears the impact that it might have on younger visitors. Thus, it is the exile of the gang of five to more secluded, separate places, as unfair as it may seem to animal lovers.

But this thing about exchanging pennants also occurs between two-legged animals. Television presenter John Oliver referred to the city of Danbury in non-commendable terms, which is why the Mayor announced that the presenter's name will be given to the WWTP from the land because, he explained, like the man from TV is also “full of crap” (hesitate in translation). But then the president withdrew the offer, prompting Oliver to offer $ 55 to charities, but only if the politician kept his word. The latter has said, however, that he would do so, but on condition that Oliver cut the tape.

Well, I hope this will pass quickly because, if the fashion of naming public and political figures to WWTPs catches, there are no WWTPs that arrive.


The lesser evil

No solution is perfect or indisputable. But this virus will not go away on its own, and it will take a long time to have an effective vaccine. Until then, we will all lose quality of life.

With your back to the People

In democracy, it is not the people's fault, it is those who do not know how to interpret their will, revealing that they are not up to their trust.

Housing Europe, public networked housing policies

The challenge of managing public housing is intense and permanent. It is an increasingly complex local, national and global challenge, which gains centrality in a pandemic context.