Development, boredom and / or portent?

What development is this in which “the number of disappearances grows prodigiously, without being compensated for by the appearances” of living species?

"Development is a journey with more shipwrecked than survivors" (Eduardo Galeano).

With regard to «World Information Day on the Development»(24/10), I reflect on this theme based on the book certified by Gradiva Publications:« Where Danger grows, Salvation also arises », by Hubert Reeves.

It is curious to note the relevance expressed in other world / international days (and nested with other values): from «Sport for the Development and Peace ”(6/04), from“ Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development”(21/05), from“ Science for Peace and Development”(10/11) and the“ Volunteers for the Development Economic and Social "(5/12). Even if not expressed, so many of the celebrations of days decreed by the UN demonstrate a clear involvement in the development of so many causes - now defended, once unprotected - and that mark societies at the global level.

To approach the developmental issue is to embroider the human species, at its best and at its worst, on the canvas of humanity. And to see that every day stinks with "depressing news about the behavior of our species", in this universe that is expected to be "multiverse", still scientifically speculative. Between the “beautiful story” and the “less beautiful story”, Reeves tells us that the emergence of intelligence “leads us to the current ecological crisis”. What is the use of this splendid capacity given to the human being, who does not want to be equipped with it and ends up punishing the planet? What is the point of so much attempt at development, when in reality there are - in spades - a series of distractions and stinging, shattering and melting?

Such as: “deterioration of the planet caused by generalized pollution, warming of the climate, erosion of biodiversity”, elimination of species with “fragmentation of habitats, invasive species, excessive hunting and fishing” - with the extinctions (for food and collections) derived from multiple plundering of fauna and flora -, and “depletion of natural resources”, etc. .. “When species are in conditions unsuitable for their development (…), it is important that they can migrate to areas where they adapt best” and more “tunnels and viaducts for animal migrations” are widely built. What development is this in which “the number of disappearances grows prodigiously, without being compensated by the appearances” of (new / renewed) living species?

Now, “in a balanced nature, species are both prey and consumers”. The general problem of the human being is not wanting / providing the middle ground, in a balanced counterbalance of the dualities that compose him: he dominates and is dominated, he is master and slave (of his passions), he is “judge in his own cause” and defendant, etc ... It all comes down to being good or bad, being right or wrong; and everything will disappear, not knowing how to be, properly, when and how to do it. “No species [like ours] has ever had such a disastrous interaction with its natural environment”. What is the use if, in human development, there is a lack of maturity (wandering between the paralyzing and the shaky)? Is all this being smart? No, obviously! But, yes, negligent ...

Unfortunately, intellectuality does not develop while it remains surrounded and closed, hostage to the mechanism of materialism (costly to detach), because "the rarer a species becomes, the more poaching and profitable it generates". Let us not forget that "we are the only survivors" of the great 'hominid family', "the only depositories of intelligence at the highest level". We must do more and better than those who preceded us and who, in Prehistory, invented fire and rude weapons to fight. “First, against the hostility of the natural surroundings; then, also, against their counterparts ”. What good is intelligence in the “unprecedented power” of the nuclear weapon, thus placing “humanity on the verge of its own extermination” ?!

Finally, as Plato wrote, “from the precarious status of weak and threatened beings, human beings have become the most powerful and dominating species in nature”. That is why it is as bad as snakes, always, even when no one messes with them or us. Equals. That is why we have so much of a beast - by depriving ourselves of the intellect that distinguishes us from other animals - as of bestial! When we prove and approve that, after all, our intelligence wants to be natural instead of artificial. She "is summoned to face the consequences of her own success" (Reeves).

For the author, “it is not enough to try to safeguard or restore populations in danger. Nature is perpetually evolving ”. If we continue, each and every one, with tics of (pseudo) development - that agitate more in the boredom of waste and do not consider the portent of wise growth - we will agonize unbelievers in greater suffering.

The call, incisive and conclusive, is on the path of "cosmoethics", a "space of freedom created by the duo chance and necessity", based on creativity and "awareness of the dimension of responsibility that this represents" in this "kingdom of genes" ( advantage of reproduction and the lack of "eating and not being eaten"). How to bet and spread this "cosmoethics"? Through the channels of 'compassion' or 'empathy': “the faculty of not being indifferent to the feelings of others”. This is the “road to success in examining the way out of the crisis”!


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