"Not increasing the minimum wage in 2021 is a mistake", says TIMING's CEO

Ricardo Mariano, founder and CEO of Timing People - Temporary Work Company, confirmed the path that the human resources company has taken to date in Portugal and opened up the game regarding its strategy for the future.

The company is embracing new and greater challenges, and is preparing to open doors to international markets.

After the always difficult first years are over, Timing, which celebrated its fifth anniversary this year, and which in 2019 was one of the largest employers in the private sector in the Algarve, will focus on three aspects of its 2021-2025 plan: focus in the expansion throughout the national territory, technological, digital and procedural modernization and the launch of an innovative interview method. In conversation, Ricardo Mariano also addresses the reality of the sector of temporary work companies.

How has this pandemic affected your company's turnover?

We had a turnover forecast for this year of 15 million euros, and in fact we will be half. It is a difficult year for everyone, but we are focused and motivated on the path we have been following.

How do you see the year 2021 for human resources companies in Portugal?

Projections will certainly continue to be difficult for the coming months. The hope is that it will be a year of inversion in the historic fall of world economies, and that it will allow to recover part of what was lost this year, but still without great euphoria. I am confident that the second half of 2021 will bring very interesting demand to our sector. 2021 will be a year of innovation and reinvention of temporary work and the way it is inserted in the market.

Did the changes to the labor legislation in October last year hurt your activity?

So far, we have not felt any loss due to these labor changes.

And the national minimum wage, should it be increased?

Of course yes. I understand that this pandemic, unfortunately, came to harm a good part of our business fabric, Timing was no exception, but it will be a mistake not to increase the SMN.

Your company is still young and has already achieved great prominence. What is the secret?

The secret to the success of any company is always its team. We have a young, professional and qualified team. Who seeks to respond to market needs, quickly and professionally. This is not just theory, it is what we have applied and, fortunately successfully, in practice. Being constantly focused on positively surprising customers also helps.

What plans does Timing have for the future?

Timing's future lies in expanding at a territorial level, with the opening of more offices in Portugal and Spain, and in its offer, with the entry into new markets. Our main objective is to reach the national TOP 10 of temporary work companies, by turnover.


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