Not TAP (air) the eyes because “they” continue to move

"Ending corruption is the ultimate goal of those who have not yet come to power."

"Ending corruption is the ultimate goal of those who have not yet come to power."
Millôr Fernandes

This quote corresponds to what I have always believed: the vertigo of power corrupts and the known cases follow one another, lacking to know the consequences of those who have not (hopefully still ...) seen the light of day.

As with Bava, in 2014 Mexia was decorated and, after six years, he was, albeit in precarious terms, prohibited from entering the company, for whose management he received the Order of Business Merit.

Without having any sympathy for the judge who decreed the measures, in which the one we refer to stands out, the truth is that the whole story around these characters smells bad, being that Mexia, in view of the remuneration she receives, had an obligation to much more (or, more strictly, much less ...). In addition to the talk of rents, the episode of the said consultant, taken to the government but paid for by said EDP, looms large.

Meanwhile, Neeleman, creator of the legal artifice of being a minority shareholder in a company but its main decision-maker, managed to earn 50 million more than those he would have invested, leaving TAP to grapple with the planes he brought here from an almost insolvent Blue and we were charged much more expensive. In the middle, we learned about a secret clause, negotiated by Lacerda Machado, soon afterwards converted into a non-executive director, allegedly because, citing him, since he was a child who “likes a lot of airplanes”. The saying comes out, which is clearly well paid, and the inerrant Antonoaldo, but the so-called airplanes and, even worse, the managers appointed by the State, who apparently saw nothing wrong in all this, are left behind.

In between, we nationalized EFACEC, once sold to this self-proclaimed great businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos, proclaiming, almost in a victorious tone, that we will not pay her debts.

These four examples alone show that this country cannot be (a) serious. We talk about corruption when the different cases are imploding in our faces but we quickly forget them, one after the other. In the meantime, we are paying the bills, with typical Portuguese fatalism, as if our only luck were to be called on to cover the losses, without ever being made aware of the final bill.

The next time the Economics experts come up with the dismissal talk, knowing that the victims have rarely been involved in what went wrong, have someone ask them if they have already done the math for those who have decorated us. Until then, we are just advocating that innocent people pay for their crimes and telling them that the crime pays off. In short, to encourage them to continue to move.


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