Elections: Donald Trump expected to give acceptance speech from the White House

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he is considering giving his candidacy acceptance speech at the Republican Party convention for a second term from the White House.

After seeing his two attempts to hold a face-to-face convention frustrated, Trump is now considering appearing only 'online' at the event that was moved from North Carolina to Florida and will take place between August 24th and 27th.

“It's easy and I think it will be a beautiful scenario. I am considering that. It is certainly one of the alternatives ”, said Trump, during a television interview, referring to the possibility of giving the candidacy acceptance speech from the White House.

The convention began by being scheduled for Charlotte, North Carolina, until Trump went on a collision course with the governor, who hampered a pandemic-sized event.

Trump then decided to relocate the convention to Jacksonville, Florida, but ended up also canceling his presence at the event, when the covid-19 pandemic numbers became more worrying in that state.

The cancellation of the President’s face-to-face component now forces us to review all plans and Trump admitted that giving the speech from the White House will be the “easiest security point of view”, as well as being the most economical option, since it does not require a security scheme around the candidate.

Trump says the final decision on the location of his speech will only be made later and does not refuse other possibilities.

The President also said that journalists will be allowed to cover the convention, after reports that the party event would be held behind closed doors as a preventive measure because of the pandemic.

Trump clarified that the convention will have a mix of virtual events and live speeches.

Party conventions are traditionally important moments for launching campaigns for the presidential elections, but this year, because of the pandemic, also the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, announced that he will make his acceptance speech from home, not being present in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to attend your party's event.

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