Madeira's economic activity reaches new low

In June, Madeira's economic activity fell 10,3%, exceeding the previous minimum of 9,3% reached in the previous month.

Madeira's economic activity reached a new low in June, when it fell 10,3%, beating the value registered in the previous month, where there was a 9,3% contraction in the Regional Economic Activity Indicator (IRAE), indicates the data from the Regional Statistics Directorate (DREM).

Between April and June, the quarter in which Madeira's economic activity fell most in the IRAE was reached, since this indicator, which dates from 2006, is registered.

During these months, Madeira's economic activity fell 5,3%, 9,3%, and 10,3%.

In June, exports grew by 8%, after three months of decline, while imports fell by 33%, a trend that has been observed for eight months.


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