Minister of Economy says that "it makes no sense" Portugal to be discriminated against by the United Kingdom in travel

The British Government today announces the countries for which travel restrictions will be lifted. The British press said last week that Portugal would be on the list of countries with restrictions, but a group that brings together 500 companies in the British tourism sector said that flights to Portugal would be allowed.

The Economy Minister said today that it does not make sense for Portugal to eventually be discriminated against compared to other European countries by the United Kingdom in lifting travel restrictions.

“There is no point in being discriminated against in relation to other destinations within Europe that have already higher levels of incidence. It is an argument that we continue to make and that we hope will be important ”, said Pedro Siza Vieira today.

"Fortunately, we are having in relation to other countries and other important markets, such as the German market, another type of approach and approach to this problem", he said in statements transmitted by TVI this Monday.

The British Government will announce today the countries for which it will lift travel restrictions from 6 July. The British market is the main tourist emitter market for Portugal with more than 2,1 million British tourists visiting the country in 2019.

Controversial news on the subject has come out in the British press: the Telegraph said last week that Portugal would stay out of countries to which the British can travel without restrictions, but pressure group Quash Quarantine said that Portugal would be included on the list .

"Although Portugal has had a question mark due to the recent cases, it will be on the list," he said on June 25 to The Sun Paul Charles, responsible for this group that includes 500 companies in the tourism sector in the United Kingdom.

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