EDP ​​evaluates pilots with three more startups

British startup Vyntelligence won the worldwide Free Electrons acceleration program, which ended Thursday with a ceremony in digital format.

The fourth edition of the worldwide acceleration program “Free Electrons” ended this Thursday, culminating in the victory of the British startup Vyntelligence. The ten energetic giants involved in the initiative, including EDP, rewarded the company with 200 thousand dollars (about 171 thousand euros) for its solution of smart video and artificial intelligence that simplifies and improves data capture.

The big winner will collaborate with the company led by Miguel Stilwell d'Andrade, allowing him to test the intelligent video tool to facilitate the delivery of reports of operations in the field. "The correct cataloging and identification of videos captured by field technicians will also allow EDP to optimize field processes and deliver a more competitive service", explains EDP, in a statement.

In addition to Vyntelligence, the two Dutch startups Net2Grid and Chargetrip also captured the interest of EDP, which, through EDP Comercial, is developing pilot projects with this trio. However, the utility Portuguese informs that it is “also evaluating pilot projects with three other startups” - probably from the range of finalists of the 2020 program.

The award ceremony took place today via telematic means. “The decision to move to a 100% digital format took place even before the period of confinement in Europe, since other partners from Asia and Australia, which were already in a state of emergency due to the pandemic, are part of Free Electrons. Canceling or postponing has never been on the table, as the spirit of the program is to "make it happen" and get results. The truth is that it was a different edition, but with extraordinary results ”, says Carla Pimenta, responsible for Startup Engagement at EDP Inovação.

The founders of Free Electrons in addition to EDP are Ausnet Services (Australia), DEWA (Dubai), ESB (Ireland), Innogy (Germany), Origin Energy (Australia), SP Group (Singapore) and Tokyo Electric Power Company (Japan) , but since 2018, American Electric Power (United States) and CLP (Hong Kong) have also been part of the group. Within the scope of this program, supported in Portugal by Beta-i, more than 100 pilots have already been carried out and around 20 million euros have been invested in startups.


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