EDP ​​lost customers, but closed 2019 to lead electricity and gas markets

ERSE points out that “the trend of erosion of EDP Comercial's customer base continued” in the liberalized electricity market, despite the company mitigating this loss with the direct inflows of customers without contracts, and in the transition from the regulated to the liberalized market . Iberdrola overtook Galp to take third place in the electricity market in terms of number of customers.

EDP ​​Comercial closed 2019 to dominate the liberalized electricity and natural gas market, despite having lost customers throughout the year.

Electric continues to be the leader in the number of customers in these markets, with a market share of 78% in electricity, and 53% in natural gas, according to a report released today by the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE), where these two are analyzed markets in Portugal.

However, EDP lost market share in electricity in 2019, with a decrease of 2,4 percentage points. In natural gas, it also recorded a decline in its share: minus 2,3 percentage points at the end of 2019.

“In electricity, the erosion trend of EDP Comercial's customer base continued”, points out ERSE, who points out that the company managed to mitigate these losses.

“Despite being the trader that loses the most customers in the changes within the liberalized market (ML), EDP Comercial continues to record good results in the transition from the regulated market (MR) to ML (58% of customers) and, in particular, in direct entries of customers without a contract (84%), which mitigates their global loss of customers ”, can be read in the document.

Analyzing the competition, ERSE highlights the “improvement of market shares of EDP Comercial's competitors”.

By number of customers, Endesa gained 0,8 points throughout 2019, maintaining its second position with 6,5% of the market.

Highlight for Iberdrola, which overtook Galp and secured the third position in the market with a 6,2% share, an increase of 1,3 points in the space of one year.

In the fourth position, Galp has a share of 5,2%, 0,1 more points compared to the previous year, with Goldenergy in the fifth position with 1,9%, plus 0,2 points.

In terms of fueled consumption, in the industrial segment, Endesa continued to lead, despite having dropped 2,7 percentage points to 24,5%, followed by Iberdrola, which gained 2,3 points to 23,7%.

In the large consumer segment, for fueled consumption, Iberdrola continues to lead, despite the drop of 2,9 points to 27,8%, followed by EDP with 22,4%, plus 1,5 points.

In the natural gas market, Galp dominates the market for consumption supplied with a 60,5% share, five points more than the same period last year. This is followed by Gas Natural Fenosa with 12,5% ​​and Endesa with 11%.

Among domestic and small and medium-sized companies, EDP has a 52% market share, while in the industrial segment, Galp leads with 55,2%. Among large consumers, Galp leads again with a 64,8% share.

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