Electricity consumption reaches lowest value since 2004

Consumption fell 5,1% in the first half of the year, according to data released this Wednesday by REN.

Electricity consumption fell by 5,1% in the first half compared to the same period in 2019, and reached the lowest value since 2004, according to data released this Wednesday by REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais.

In June, electricity consumption decreased by 7,4%, “or 8,8% with correction of the effects of temperature and number of working days”, with some recovery in relation to April and May, when “consumption decreased, respectively , 12% and 13,2% ”, says the information.

“The first semester registered a negative variation of 5,1%, or 5,2% with correction of temperature and working days. Electricity consumption in the first half of 2020 was, in fact, the lowest since 2004 ”, he stresses.

In June, renewable production supplied 49% of national consumption, non-renewable production 37%, while the remaining 14% were supplied with imported energy.

According to REN, the hydroelectric productivity index in that month was 0,78 (historical average equal to 1), while wind yield, more favorable, was 1,04 (historical average equal to 1).

In the first semester, the hydroelectric productivity index was slightly below the average value, with 0,96 (historical average equal to 1), while the wind productivity index was more unfavorable, with 0,86 (historical average equal to 1).

In the same period, renewable production supplied 65% of consumption, shared by hydroelectric, with 31%, wind, with 24%, biomass, with 7%, and photovoltaic, with 2,5%, while non-renewable production supplied 29% , highlighting natural gas, “since coal production was meaningless”, says REN.

The balance of exchanges with foreigners was an importer and is equivalent to about 6% of national consumption.

As for natural gas, consumption decreased by 5,4% at the end of the semester, with the conventional segment contracting 9,4%, despite the fact that the electric energy production segment grew by 4,9, XNUMX%.

In June, consumption of natural gas decreased 18,7%, "the result of a negative variation of 13,5% in the conventional segment and 25,4% in the electric energy production segment", points out REN, explaining that, as in electricity, there was "some relief in the trend of reducing consumption that had been observed in the months of April and May".

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