“Electrification in transport is crucial”, guarantees Secretary of State for Mobility

Eduardo Pinheiro underlined the support that has been provided for the acquisition of electric cars, as well as the reinforcement of 50 million euros in the Transtejo fleet. Position was known on the second day of the “Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2020”, an event with “Jornal Económico” as a media partner.

The Secretary of State for Mobility, Eduardo Pinheiro, defended the importance of electrification in transport, at the closing session of the second day of the “Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2020”, this Wednesday, September 23, an event that features the “Jornal Economic ”as a media partner.

“Electrification is crucial, both in public transport and in individual transport. We have to stride through the impact on transport and the impact it has: a quarter for greenhouse gas emissions. It is necessary to take these steps ”, pointed out Eduardo Pinheiro.

“In public transport, you need to take these steps and we already have electric buses on our streets”, recalled the Secretary of State for Mobility.

“In the example of Soflusa's strategy, which every day makes the connection between the south bank and the north bank of the Tagus, which is a unique operation in the world, therefore, there is no operation with this frequency in the whole world”, he explained Eduardo Pinheiro, who also recalled the Government tender of 50 million for the Transtejo fleet “for the acquisition of ten electric vessels, which will replace the existing fleet that was currently running on diesel”.

Eduardo Pinheiro expects that “in the coming days the award will be made, therefore, fortunately we had interested competitors and in that sense I think it is a decisive step”.

Another aspect highlighted by the Secretary of State for Mobility, at the event that has Jornal Económico as its media partner, was the support associated with the purchase of electric cars.

“There have been support for the acquisition of the same, 3 million in 2020, we increased this value to 4 million, both for companies, but also including individuals, so it has already sold out, the demand is higher than what was available”, said Eduardo Pinheiro praising that “observing the evolution over the years, it is easy to see that when there was support, sales increased, when there was no support, these sales decreased”. "It is important to have this type of support," he added.

In general, Eduardo Pinheiro believes “more and more in the mobility that has to be shared”, as well as in “other micromobility solutions” and pointed out that hydrogen, mentioned by the Assistant Secretary of State for Energy, João Galamba, this Wednesday morning at the “Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2020”, ”Will have its space”, as well as electric energy, which is “more and more mature in this phase”.

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