King Emeritus Juan Carlos I will leave Spain

The involvement of the emeritus king in ill-advised businesses and the existence of two suspicious foundations prevent Juan Carlos from continuing in Spain. The son, Filipe VI, had already distanced himself from Juan Carlos, in an attempt to contain the damage done to the monarchy.

The Spanish emeritus king, Juan Carlos I, has just communicated to his son Filipe VI his “thoughtful decision to leave Spain” and has stopped residing in the Zarzuela Palace, where he has lived for 58 years, after having been aggravated in recent weeks. the very critical tone with which all political quarters without exception analyzed his involvement as a 'facilitator' in businesses for which he received millions of euros.

“Majesty, dear Filipe, with the same desire to serve Spain that inspired my reign and given the public repercussions that certain events in my private life are generating, I wish to express my absolute availability to help facilitate the exercise of its functions of tranquility and calm that its high responsibility demands. Guided by the conviction of providing the best service to the Spaniards, their institutions and you as king, I communicate my thoughtful decision to move out of Spain at this time. A decision that I make, with deep feeling, but with great serenity. I have been king of Spain for 40 years and I always wanted the best for Spain and the crown ”, says the text of the letter that Juan Carlos sent to Filipe VI. According to the statement by Casa del Rey - which released the letter - Felipe VI conveyed to his father his “sincere respect and gratitude for the decision”.

The decision of the emeritus king comes after investigations initiated by Swiss and Spanish prosecutors into the alleged funds of Juan Carlos based in tax havens. The lawyer of the emeritus king also issued a statement in which he guarantees that, despite the departure of Juan Carlos from Spain, his client is at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor for any procedure or action deemed appropriate.

It is recalled that on March 15, Filipe VI take announced his decision to deprive his father of the income of almost 200 thousand euros per year that I received from the public purse, while renouncing any inheritance that could correspond to his accounts of the father abroad. In addition to the doubts raised by the decision - an inheritance cannot be waived until the person who causes the legacy to die, some analysts hastened to clarify - the meaning was clear: the king broke all ties with his father.

Juan Carlos I's problems began in the summer of 2018, when Swiss Judicial Police officers sent by prosecutor Yves Bertossa began to investigate fund manager Arturo Fasana. The founding of Zagatka, by Álvaro de Orleans, a distant cousin of the emeritus king, and the Lucum Foundation, whose first beneficiary was Juan Carlos I and the second Filipe VI, quickly entered the radar of investigations.

The emeritus king is not being investigated, although Swiss judicial sources do not rule out that possibility in the future. The information sent by Switzerland to the Spanish judicial authorities raised doubts about the behavior of the emeritus king after June 2014, when he lost his immunity.

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