Emirates airline plans to eliminate up to 9 jobs

Before the start of the covid-19 pandemic, the airline had 60.000 employees and, on May 31, announced redundancies, although it did not specify how many there would be.

Emirates airline, from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), plans to eliminate up to 9.000 jobs due to the decrease in demand generated by the covid-19 pandemic, the company president said today.

Tim Clark announced that he has already cut a tenth of the airline's staff, or 6.000, out of a total of 54.000 workers, to whom cuts will apply.

"We will probably have to cut some more [jobs], probably up to 15%," said the president, speaking to the BBC.

Before the start of the covid-19 pandemic, the airline had 60.000 employees and, on May 31, announced redundancies, although it did not specify how many there would be.

To date, Emirates has been the only operator to maintain its full team, while the other Persian Gulf operators have announced adjustment plans.

Etihad, based in Abu Dhabi, and Qatar Airways, based in Doha, began to say goodbye after the countries most affected by the pandemic closed their airspace as the new coronavirus spread.

According to Tim Clark, Emirates, owned by a Dubai sovereign wealth fund, "was not as bad as the other" airlines and "was on its way to making it one of its best years" before the pandemic.

The decrease in demand affects all companies in the sector, which have announced cuts in their teams, which has led the UK to exempt up to 76 countries from having to comply with a 14-day quarantine upon entering the country.

Since Friday, travelers from Spain, France, Germany and Italy, among others, will not need quarantine. An attempt by the British Government to boost the national economy, more specifically the tourism sector, seriously affected by the pandemic.

However, travelers arriving from Spain will have to quarantine Scotland, which has limited the list of exempt countries to 57.

Portugal was excluded from the list of countries exempt from quarantine due to a recent increase in the number of cases of infection with covid-19, especially in the Lisbon area.

The covid-19 pandemic has already claimed more than 556 deaths and infected more than 12,36 million people in 196 countries and territories, according to a report made by the French agency AFP.

In Portugal, 1.646 people of the 45.679 confirmed as infected died, according to the most recent bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected in late December in Wuhan, a city in central China.

After Europe succeeded China as the center of the pandemic in February, the American continent is now the one with the most confirmed cases and the most deaths.

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