PremiumEntrepreneurs want non-refundable support in OE2021

CIP proposes converting guarantees into non-repayable incentives and AEP wants a public treasury support fund at zero interest rate.

Cristina Bernardo

Capitalization and support for liquidity are the main themes of the measures that businessmen want to see included in the State Budget for 2021. But there are recurring themes from other years, such as changes in the IRC and the spill. Approaching some of the proposals, CIP - Confederação Empresarial de Portugal and Associação Empresarial de Portugal (AEP) have already defined the range of measures they will send to the Government.

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EDP ​​gives up the case against the State at CESE. Costs outweigh probability of success

The energy company also announced that it will ask Brussels to analyze compliance with the future of the Social Tariff financing mechanism. "EDP does not question the existence of the Social Tariff itself, with the purpose of which it agrees, but cannot, in view of the evolution of the respective regime, comply with the terms of financing".

'Fintech' grows in Portugal despite the pandemic, report reveals

According to the “Portugal Fintech Report 2020”, presented this morning by the Portugal Fintech Association, “most of the 'fintechs' in Portugal are in the verticals of 'payments and transfers', 'insurtech' and 'cryptocurrency', being 43% in the 'seed' phase ”(initial development phase).

Portugal Blue wants to distribute 75 million euros in investments in the blue economy

Portugal Blue wants to mobilize more than 75 million euros of private, public and European capital to foster the ecosystem of the Portuguese blue economy, providing venture capital and expansion to more than 30 companies, at all stages of development. The investment program will cover up to 70% of the size of the selected funds, in order to enhance the critical capacity of the local blue economy platform.