“European Union is an example of a positive response to the pandemic”, defends Augusto Santos Silva

Participating in the 4th Lisbon Conference, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that the world health and trade organizations need a deep reform, otherwise they will lose their effectiveness.

In a world turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic, the “capacity that the European Union had to reinvent itself and to accelerate the necessary choices” to, in a repaired and common way, to face the challenges of the health emergency, is of the utmost relevance, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Satos Silva.

Intervening (with the pre-recorded video) at the 4th Lisbon 2020 Conference, under the responsibility of the Clube de Lisboa, Santos Silva admitted that “the first response to the pandemic was uncoordinated and insufficient”, given that “nobody knew” what lay ahead , but recalled that after the “July European Council” everything changed.

Namely because, in record time and without excess of national subtleties, “the first joint issue of debt guaranteed by all of us” was decided, which not only served “to break a taboo that paralyzed us”, it was necessary and sufficient to demonstrate the flexibility and little delay in decisions centralized at the European Commission.

The investment in own resources, the environmental transition (namely in terms of responding to climate change) and the investment in productive resilience - all the result of a common financial investment effort - placed that great meeting of presidents and heads of state of the 27 in a level that the Union itself had never before reached, in the opinion of Augusto Santos Silva.

In a conference on the theme 'The acceleration of global changes', the Minister of Foreign Affairs left three topics for reflection, which it is important to examine - and which the Lisbon Club will be responsible for: how to respond collectively and multilaterally to global challenges; how great powers and regions are going to get out of the effort to fight the pandemic and the pandemic itself; and "what are the consequences of these two issues for the global order".

Recalling that Covid-19 “touches everyone but does not touch everyone in the same way”, Santos Silva said that Africa and Latin America are on the wrong side of the health consequences of the pandemic. Among other reasons, because “the World Health Organization was unable to act by consensus and with all the analytical capacity” that it should have. Seeming to be a criticism of the lack of information that was (not) circulating between WHO and China, where the virus first manifested itself, Santos Silva said that “the reform of the UN”, which he considered necessary to maintain a high degree of response multilateral to global problems, it has to go through the reform "of both WHO and the World Trade Organization" - two institutions that the White House says are surrounded by the Chinese government.

Even so, Santos Silva said he was in favor of a pluripolar world, where several regions and several world powers can exist in parallel, since it is from this diversity that the fundamental “balance” between the various planetary wills is born.

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