Ex-leader of the CDS-PP bench says party should not “definitively” deny understandings with Chega

The former Christian Democratic leader admits that Chega has ideas that “cannot be matched” with the values ​​of the right or of the democratic center, but argues that it is necessary to listen first to the bases of the CDS-PP to understand how the party can recover weight at the electoral level.

Nuno Magalhães
Former leader of the CDS-PP parliamentary group supported João Almeida at the Aveiro Congress

Former leader of the parliamentary group of the CDS-PP Nuno Magalhães argues that the party should not exclude possible coalitions with the arrival of André Ventura. The former Christian Democratic leader admits that Chega has ideas that “are not compatible” with the values ​​of the right or of the democratic center, but he argues that it is necessary to listen first to the bases of the CDS-PP to understand how the party can regain weight at the electoral level.

"Although I have a low expectation in relation to the goodness of what Chega's proposals are, I would not deny so definitively [understandings with Chega] to any municipality", said Nuno Magalhães, to RTP3, in reaction to the interview of the leader of the CDS-PP, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, to the magazine “Visão”, where excluded any chance of an understanding with Chega for the elections.

The former centrist leader, who left the CDS-PP bench after eight years in November 2019, acknowledges that, so far, he had maintained some “modesty” in commenting on possible understandings between the CDS-PP and Chega. Now, he says that he “would not make a declaration in such a perpetual way” with that of Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, when he said that the probability of an electoral agreement between CDS-PP and Chega “is zero”.

“[Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos] rejects coalitions that the bases may want and, when the elections and the problems to get lists begin to arrive, I would not make that statement as perpetual in relation to Chega”, he said, opening the door to an eventual understanding with Chega for the 2021 municipal elections.

Nuno Magalhães agrees, however, with the president of the CDS-PP when he says that Chega has “a certain type of actions, statements and proposals that are not recommended” and says that, therefore, André Ventura's party “is not good neighborhood". "Chega has certain types of proposals and certain types of actions that are not compatible with the democratic right or with the democratic center, in that respect, I agree," he said.

In the view of Nuno Magalhães, the leader of the CDS-PP is waiving any agreement with Chega to “take a position and set an agenda”, but underlines that it is unwise to close the door completely to an understanding. However, this understanding should not be “at any price”. "It would be difficult for a stable, deep coalition with Chega, on the part of the CDS-PP, for now," he said.

After Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos dismissed dealings with Chega, the resigning president and sole deputy of Chega, André Ventura, mocked the situation on Twitter: “I think that after this I will cancel the holidays! I am in no mood to rest after this rude political coup ”.

This Friday, the CDS-PP activist Pedro Borges de Lemos, leader of the non-formalized internal chain CDSXXI, announced the party's parade, with criticism of the direction, at a time when his expulsion from the party was being considered for having participated in a demonstration 'Portugal is not racist' promoted by Chega. Pedro Borges de Lemos also expressed his willingness to join Chega, which he considers to be “the only right-wing political force that has shown the courage to fight the system in all its weaknesses”.

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