Social Security support extended to social responses until September

To benefit from the measures, IPSS and other entities with social responses are obliged to maintain the jobs and salaries of workers and nurses.

The exceptional measure relating to Social Security financial contributions to social responses provided by Private Social Solidarity Institutions (IPSS) and similar entities was extended until September.

The extension of the measure is contained in an ordinance published this Friday in Diário da República, with the diploma determining that the co-payment remains regardless of the number of users.

To benefit from the measures, IPSS and other entities with social responses are obliged to maintain the jobs and salaries of workers and nurses.

“The amount of the social security financial contribution due to the institutions, in the responses that were suspended, remains unchanged, until September 30, 2020, compared to the amount referring to the month of February 2020, if the registered frequency is lower than the verified in that month ”, reads the published ordinance.

The diploma also determines that the institutions in question "must keep all workers at the service of social responses, as well as the payment of the totality of the respective remuneration, under penalty of refund of the contributions received" under this under the present ordinance ".

These same conditions and penalties are imposed with respect to nannies.

This ordinance also provides, on the other hand, that institutions must review the calculation of the contribution paid by households according to the most recent incomes of the household, in order to incorporate eventual income losses following sequences of 'lay-off' or unemployment. .

This review, “must take into account the changes in circumstances that determined the amount of the respective contribution, namely the income of households, by reference to the previous month”, the diploma specifies.

In a statement, the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security states that, in addition to the measures contemplated in this ordinance, nursing homes and other residential structures, as well as home support, will be reinforced in the financing of Security cooperation agreements 2020% in 5,5.

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