On Wikipedia things are learned that were never thought of by ordinary people, such as a type of death called fatal hilarity, resulting from cardiac arrest or asphyxiation following an attack of laughter.

My brother decided to come and live in Portugal. After a few years in England, he could not bear the weather, nor the cuisine, if the english cuisine deserves to be qualified as a kitchen. I recognize, in his favor, that I am impressed by a culinary type with specialties whose name I cannot translate, as spotted dick, which is more confusing after Chris Griffin, in an episode of “Family Guy”, says: “I always thought spotted dick had something to do with Morgan Freeman. ”

After my brother settled in Portugal, and thanks to the visits of my nephews, I learned from them to consult a fantastic thing - Oh !, which is missing in my youth, to do homework in high school -, Wikipedia.

On Wikipedia you learn things never thought by ordinary people, for example, that there is a type of death called fatal hilarity, in which death comes from cardiac arrest or suffocation following an attack of laughter. There have been cases since ancient Greece, such as Crisipo de Solis, a philosopher from the XNUMXrd century BC, who died after giving the donkey wine and watching it feed on figs. If people laughed at the time, and since the Greeks were a politically advanced civilization, there is certainly a correlation between the two.

I can understand, because I've heard statements from politicians that almost killed me with laughter. Another case is that of Thomas Urquhart, who died of fatal hilarity in 1660 when he learned that Charles II ascended the throne - I am surprised that this does not happen regularly today.

Wikipedia is also important for documenting about Traffic light man, the figure of a pawn with a hat on his head that appears at some traffic lights on crosswalks in Germany and is one of the few things left over from East Germany. Extremely popular, it is a symbol of worship, present in the remembrances sold to tourists.

Or to know that there is between Egypt and Sudan the territory of Bir Tawil, with two thousand square meters, which no one complains about. It is a real no-man's-land, which does not appear on the maps of either country. In 2014 it was claimed by the American Jeremiah Heaton, from Abingdon, Virginia, who wanted to establish a kingdom there for his seven-year-old daughter to be a real princess.

Returning to my brother, he will now live for the Azores, and I confess that I was scared when I consulted Wikipedia and read about the failure of the Azores. It is a triple junction between the African, Eurasian and North American tectonic plates, located in the Dorsal Middle Atlantic, of the “RRR category” of the “type T”.

That said, it lands, and rightly so. It is at the origin of the catastrophic earthquake that, in 1522, destroyed almost the entire population of Vila Franca do Campo, changed the occupation of the island of São Miguel and caused a tsunami. In 2018, only one morning there were about 300 earthquakes. I confess that until now I was convinced that the failure of the Azores was the result of the elections of a week ago.


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