Figo argues with Spanish deputy on Twitter. “I paid the tax authorities more to sleep than you woke up”

On the social network, Luís Figo accused ERC deputy Gabriel Rufián of lack of seriousness and of not presenting proposals. The politician responded by recalling that Figo was caught by the Tax Authorities in 2012. The Portuguese was ordered to pay 2,4 million euros to the Spanish Tax Authorities, for income obtained, but not declared, in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

Former Portuguese football player Luís Figo was involved in an exchange of arguments with Spanish politician Gabriel Rufián, deputy of the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC), on Twitter, this Thursday. The discussion went sour when Figo, who lives in Madrid, said he paid more taxes to the Spanish tax authorities "sleeping" than Rufián "awake".

This Thursday, the ERC deputy in the Spanish congress - lower house of the Spanish Parliament - shared a video from the Spanish daily “Público” that showed Rufían affirming that the far-right party Vox had in the Zarzuela Palace (family residence Spanish real) supporters.

Now Luís Figo, who played in Spain for Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​decided to criticize Rufián for his stance. “Have you seen this character propose solutions for anything in his speech? And how much it costs for all Spaniards! more productivity and respect and less tension ”, wrote the former Portuguese international on his Twitter account.

Figo's comment did not please the Catalan deputy, who retorted on Twitter: “What the Spanish really cost is not paying the Treasury, Luís”.

Rufián's statement was an allusion to the time when Luís Figo was caught by the Spanish tax authorities evading taxes. In 2012, Luís Figo, who was awarded the Golden Ball in 2000, was ordered to pay 2,4 million euros to the Spanish authorities, for income obtained, but not declared, in 1997, 1998 and 1999. there were funds related to the former athlete's image rights.

Luís Figo also did not like the politician's comment and replied: “To be a politician you need to be better informed and produce a little more! I paid the tax authorities more while I slept than you possibly woke up your whole life. ”

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