PremiumAnacom assesses potential conflicts of interest in the 5G auction

Regulator evaluates partnership between Ubiwhere and Vodafone. Altice has already warned the Government and asks Anacom for explanations, but it also has a connection to Ubiwhere.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, João Cadete de Matos | Manuel de Almeida / LUSA

At a time when the launch of the fifth generation of the mobile network (5G) in Portugal is clearly delayed, the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (Anacom) is evaluating potential situations of conflicts of interest in the 5G auction, the regulator told Jornal Económico ( JE). At stake is a partnership between Ubiwhere, the company hired by Anacom in March to create the platform where the 5G auction will take place, and Vodafone Portugal, as JE reported on 23 April.

According to the contract signed with Anacom, available on the Base Portal, Ubiwhere has assumed the “commitment of honor” that “does not maintain, nor will it maintain, directly or indirectly, any contractual relationship or relationship, remunerated or not, with companies, groups of companies or other entities receiving Anacom's regulatory activity that may give rise to conflicts of interest in the provision of services covered by this contract ”.

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5G auction. Ubiwhere guarantees to be “suitable” and rejects to be in breach of contract with Anacom

Partnership between the company that created the 5G auction platform and Vodafone led the regulator to assess the situation. To JE, Ubiwhere says that he also has connections with NOS and Altice Labs (owned by Altice Portugal), but guarantees to comply with the contract with Anacom and affirms that there is “no basis for the problem now raised”.

5G auction continues to raise doubts in the sector

5G auction continues to generate criticism from operators. In addition, the company that created the auction platform may have disregarded the contract with Anacom, for participating in the same international project as Vodafone.

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