Flexdeal launches takeover bid on 19% of Raize

Flexdeal launched a takeover bid on 19% of Raize's capital offering 0,90 euros per share, which makes a total investment of 855 thousand euros in the operation.

Flexdeal announced to the market a Partial and Voluntary Public Offering for the Acquisition of 950 thousand shares of Raize - Payment Institution. These 950 thousand shares represent 19% of the capital of Raize.

The offeror says that in the event of an oversupply, it will proceed to the apportionment.

The consideration offered (price) is 0,90 euros per share, so Flexdeal proposes to offer 855 thousand euros for 19% of Raize.

The offer translates into a premium of 11,11% over the weighted average price of the shares in the six months prior to October 30 (0,81 euro) and a premium of 26,76% compared to this Friday's quote from Raize (0,71 , XNUMX euros).

The launch of the OPA pending registration with the CMVM.

The intermediary of the operation is the bank LJ Carregosa.

Raize's shares were listed on the stock exchange in July 2018 after being sold to investors at 2 euros per share.

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