Watch the DGS press conference live

The Directorate-General for Health updates daily the data on the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Portugal. Watch here the explanations of the national health authority and the Government.


Britons detained in Spain after refusing to wear mask on KLM flight

Two British citizens flew to Spain via the Netherlands, but refused to wear masks on board, as required by the airline.

White House expert warns of increase in cases in the country

Covid-19 cases continue to increase in some areas of the United States, while public health officials are working with governors to tailor responses to each of the 52 states.

Philippines announce strict new confinement in Manila after daily record of cases

Despite imposing one of the longest and most stringent confinements in the world - five months in the capital - the Philippines is the only country in the region that has not yet broken the infection curve, which has been steadily increasing since March.