PremiumLuís Todo-Bom: “Foreign investment has not made any significant changes”

The foreign investment that has recently entered Portugal has not made any significant changes to our production structure. None, says the manager, a member of the PSD Advisory Council.

Could the EU money that we will have access serve as a catalyst for more realizable foreign investment in Portugal? Could it serve as a platform for us to continue a work already developed, attracting more projects like those of Mercedes and BMW, and of companies that came to Portugal in areas of very high technology?
The foreign investment that has recently entered Portugal has not made any significant changes to our production structure. None. Investments for call centers came in… More: a large part of the investment has little fixed assets, and therefore we need to attract foreign money different from what we have been attracting. Nowadays, foreign investment rarely makes a new factory. What happened to Autoeuropa is already rare. The factories, with robotization, are returning to their original territory. If AutoEuropa closes, the cars that are produced there will be manufactured in Germany. Much of the international investment is made in partnership with local companies. There are groups with some dimension where these partnerships are useful and work.

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Pandemic costs 3.058 million euros to the state until September

“Until September, the implementation of the measures adopted in the context of combating and preventing covid-19, as well as those aimed at restoring normality, led to a reduction in revenue of 831,5 million euros and an increase in expenditure of 2.226,8 million euros ”, indicates the Directorate-General for Budget in the Budget Execution Summary.

Tax revenue falls 2.822,7 million euros 'dragged' by the drop in VAT and IRC

“In the month of September, the accumulated net tax revenue of the State sub-sector again reflects the effects of the pandemic covid-19, registering a decrease of 2.822,7 million euros (-8,3%) compared to the first nine months of 2019 ”, Says the Directorate-General for Budget (DGO).

"Tax justice was infected by Covid 19 and was in a long month in a coma," says tax official

Vânia Codeço, a lawyer at RFF & Associados - Sociedade de Avogados, reveals the unpreparedness of tax justice, particularly of the courts, and the slow response to the needs of pandemic management. It also notes that tax inspections and tax enforcement processes have stopped, with the tax courts operating on a logic of minimum services with the lockdown transforming them into an “almost absent” sovereignty body.