Bolsonaro's former health minister criticizes the president's “excessive coldness” in managing the pandemic

The first of the three ministers that Jair Bolsonaro has already pointed to the health portfolio has launched a book in which he addresses the Brazilian management of the pandemic, leaving strong criticisms of the president's performance.

Luiz Henrique Mandetta, one of the former health ministers of Jair Bolsonaro, left strong criticisms of the Brazilian president in his new book, "A patient called Brazil", which has just been released in the author's country of origin.

In the book, Mandetta talks about Bolsonaro's “excessive coldness”. According to the doctor, who was fired when he had the highest approval rate among members of the Brazilian government, for the president "the virtual world is more important than the real world", he said in an interview with Agencia EFE.

Furthermore, in Bolsonaro's view, health is an issue "of the states and municipalities", so the federal government's concern should be the economy. Mandetta warns of the risks of leaving a vital area of ​​society such as health management for the military, stressing their lack of capacity to plan, for example, the distribution of resources in the post-pandemic for other diseases such as various types of cancer , for which it predicts a significant increase in 2021.

Brazil has 4,8 million confirmed cases of infection by Covid-19, in addition to reaching the 144 thousand deaths.


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