Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos wants to see CDS-PP stop “niche hysteria around radicalism”

Centrist leader distributed criticisms of Chega, PSD and PS in a speech that marked the political 'rentrée' of the CDS-PP. leaving a warning to participants at the Youth Popular painting school: “If we do not undertake to write the history of the right in Portugal, others will do it for us.”

The president of the CDS-PP, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, closed this Sunday the school of cadres of the Popular Youth with a speech turned to Chega, saying that the “new popular party” that his leadership is building should “be useful to Portugal and the Portuguese, "thinking" the country on the right dispensing niche hysteria around radicalism and extremism ".

Speaking in Oliveira do Bairro, where the Popular Youth initiative took place, he did not forget to compare it with the Festa do Avante - “this is not a gathering at Quinta da Atalaia; this is the school of cadres under strict security measures, respecting the sacrifices of the Portuguese ”, he commented -, the centrist leader said that“ less CDS meant more populism and less responsibility ”, promising efforts to stop Chega's electoral progression. “If we don't take charge of writing the history of the right in Portugal, others will do it for us. Perhaps the end of the fringe of populism and the protest area ”, he warned.

But Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos also spared no criticism of the PS and PSD, saying that the CDS must be a “brake on the central bloc” and “rescue Portugal from the dictatorship of interests”. “Every time the central bloc gets fat, our democracy gets thinner. It was like this in the elimination of biweekly debates, it is like this with the distribution of seats in the CCDR across the country, it was like this that they tried to eliminate the Infarmed meetings and that was how they limited participatory democracy in independent candidacies at the local level ”, he referred .

As for the Covid-19 pandemic, the president of the CDS-PP stressed that “the incompetence of the Government” is highly dangerous, almost as much as the coronavirus, again asking for the departure of the “minister of social insensitivity” Ana Mendes Godinho, following the “tragic episode” of the Reguengos de Monsaraz home where an outbreak caused 18 deaths.


"It takes a lot of effort now to save Christmas," says Santos Silva

The Minister of Foreign Affairs pointed out today that "a very big effort" is needed to stop the spread of the coronavirus "to save Christmas" from the families of the approximately 5 million Portuguese and Portuguese descendants abroad.

OE2021: Costa says that approval in general is an "important step" to guarantee "a good budget"

The Prime Minister, António Costa, reiterated that this is a budget that bets on the National Health Service (SNS) and on social protection and was available to welcome proposals from the parties in the specialty.

OE2021 approved in general with abstaining from the PCP, PAN, ENP and non-attached deputies

Unsurprisingly, in view of what had already been announced, the State Budget proposal for the next year received the votes against PSD, CDS-PP, Chega and Liberal Initiative, as well as the Left Bloc bench.